8 most important issues to grow as a confident driver

Posted by Alzbeta Berka on August 18th, 2019

Safe driving is a challenging job today. With the increasing population, crowd, and vehicles, safe driving is one of the difficult approaches nowadays. Once you learn the driving skill and get the license you may feel the freedom to drive on highways. But remember one thing. Lack of confidence can be risky on roads as well as overconfidence can invite deadly situations while driving. So, to be an expert driver, one thing is very clear that is to maintain safety.

The more you drive the more experience you gain day by day. Here is a list of 15 things you should keep in mind to be an experienced driver:

1) Parking on hills

It is quite an intricate task to determine the face of the wheel when you park on hills. Also, be sure that the parking brake is in the right position and the car is in the first gear.

2) Adjust the mirrors and headrest

Before you drive on highways adjust the mirrors and headrest first. The headrest is designed to help you limit the jerks if you brake suddenly. In the case of any collision, the headrest saves your head. Keep it in the right position. Adjust mirrors to clear the back view.

3) Wear your seatbelt

Make it a habit to wear the seatbelt whenever you are on highways. Research says that wearing seatbelts can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45%. Still, many individuals are not concerned with this issue.

4) Stop for school buses

Raise the safety of the children. Don’t do hurry to overtake a school bus but, stop for a while to pass it. Avoid violation and accidents to save the lives of children. 

5) Driving in rain

Driving in heavy rains needs your concentration.  Vision will be hazy and you need to switch on the headlights. Slow down the pace of the car to avoid hydroplaning.

6) Avoid distraction

Don’t allow loud music to distract your mind or limit your conversation with co-passengers to avoid disturbance. Teens are more likely to use their cell phone for texting or chatting purpose during driving. It is the most common indication of having fatal accidents. Eating and setting music or GPS during driving are causes to invite accidents.

7) Avoid tailgating

Maintain a moderate distance from the previous vehicle. Driving too closely to a car in front of you may invite the risk of accidents. In case of an emergency, it will be tough to stop the car.

8) Avoid tired driving

Driving without sleeping is just like intoxicated driving.  If you feel sleepy or tired stop for a while and take a nap. Drinking a cup of coffee can revitalize you. But these are not the permanent solution. Thebest driving instructor Parramatta recommends that a driver needs at least 5 hours sleep in a day to drive safely.

These driving issues not only reduce the risk of road accidents but these help you become an experienced driver. Choose the top driving school instructor Castle hilland give your driving journey a new approach.

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