World of warcraft classic: Dryad

Posted by Pierre on August 19th, 2019

World of warcraft classic: Dryad

    The Celts were a native of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, Europe, Asia Minor and the Balkans from the 5th century BC to the 1st century AD. Druid priests are proficient in divination, meticulous in rituals, and longer in calendars, medicine, astronomy, and literature... At the same time, they are synonymous with law enforcers, bards, and explorers. Both men and women can be Druid priests, serving as priests, mages or prophets within the family, and also enjoy a high status in society. There are also historians who equate Druid priests with Brahman, Persian, Egyptian priests, and witch doctors in India. At the beginning, because Celtic was a matriarchal society, only women could serve as druids, and then gradually joined by men.

    Europeans generally believe that Druids are natural and neutral advocates, and that the entire wasteland is regarded as a hermit of their own homes. They make their special forces protect nature and balance the whole world.
    In modern fantasy literature, Druids are natural admirers and defenders who can fight against any force in order to protect nature. The famous "Merlin" of King Arthur, legend is a wizard with extraordinary mana, in fact, he should be a Druid with considerable practice. The word "Merlin" originally refers to the Druids who are proficient in poetry and art (divination).

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    In the first century AD, Christians who believed in Christianity attacked the Celts who believed in Druidism. The Romans who were the winners washed the Druids, and the Druids were massacred into mass graves by Roman soldiers who stormed into the mysterious forest. The bodies of the priests were thrown into the sacred forest. The massacre made the Druids devastated, and the Druids crouched since then, and the future Druids only appeared in folk songs and poems.

    Since then, their prestige has dropped to the position of ordinary wizards in the past few centuries. The glory of the past has never returned, only the sorrow and sorrow. Thus, from then until now, the Druid is no longer a religious or historical term, but has become a mythical character. Nowadays, we can see their emulations in some interesting retro sports, but what really affects us is still the caster in the game. Most of the modern fantasy literature and various Druids in various games are based on the legends of the first century AD, and gradually evolve into a mysterious organization with natural forces.

    Selection method
    It can be said that the selection of the Druid is very cruel. It is said that there are three tests, drifting for many days at sea (no other people's help), alive burying, etc., so there are very few people who can survive, and the result is of course It is very desirable, and it proves that the ability to integrate with nature can serve as a priest in the Celtic nation (the king needs to consult their opinions on major issues).

In 1717, William Strickley and John Tolan, who claimed to be Druid's high priests, rebuilt the Druids. Interestingly, the Druids in the United States were established for completely different purposes. . In 1963, the North American Reformed Druid Church was established, and the church was founded only because a group of college students in Minnesota opposed the school to force students to participate in religious services. Later, the organization developed into a Druid church that promotes free religious belief and has developed to this day.

Druid's talents are primarily used to improve their natural powers and animal forms, enhance their ability to summon natural phenomena, or increase their potential to heal spells.

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