What is Cyber Bullying and what are their impacts?

Posted by markwahl barg on August 19th, 2019

Cyberbullying is a very complex issue that requires a good performance from both parents and the school to solve the problem. Precisely for this reason, the best thing in these cases is to have harassment and cyber bullying specialist to advise the family at every moment of the process on the steps to be taken.

Therefore, the following is advised:

  • Promote social and family values.
  • Criminalize bad behaviors and attitudes.
  • Give talks about bullying.
  • Do not judge classmates by their appearance or difficulties.
  • Reject acts of violence.
  • Promote self-esteem among young students.
  • Teach young people to apologize.
  • Teach them about sexting and how to prevent it.
  • Spend time listening to the young man and knowing his doubts, anxieties, fears, among others.
  • Notify academic authorities and family members when a case of bullying is suspected.

The impact of bullying:

The problem is that it is not a children's game, but rather the suffering of some children. And most importantly, that suffering does not last as long as the harassment is lived. And this is something you hardly hear about.

The pain is recorded in the mind and soul of those who suffer. Leave sequels that last throughout the child's development, and in adulthood.

There are numerous studies that have analyzed the effects that long-term harassment in cyber bullying may have suffered. All of them highlight the importance of the matter.

Both the harassed person and the stalker should receive adequate help in due course.

The different roles involved in bullying:

Before bullying we must differentiate types of profiles, known as the bullying triangle:

The aggressor or active victim:

In most studies on this subject, the need to include the aggressor as a type of victim is mentioned.

This is something very important to keep in mind, and that most of the time is not taken into account. A child in its pure state has no evil. Becoming an abuser is his way of shouting attention, affection, prominence or recognition.

If you suffer intimidation or any type of abuse at home, at school or in the family, when you are often humiliated by adults, or when you live under constant pressure to succeed in your activities.

The aggressors exert their action against their victim in various ways:

They are beaten, disturbed, provoked, and harassed. They are also named in an unpleasant or derogatory way. They generate rumors, lies or hoaxes, isolate them from the group, offend them and annul them.

If you are a victim of cyberbullying, it is advisable to consult cyberbullying.org.

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