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Posted by Keith McCrow on August 19th, 2019

Independent record labels, also known as indie labels are small companies in the USA and are mostly started by artists without any funds from the three major record labels namely; Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. They manufacture and distribute recorded music, under the name Album which is a collection of audio recording on compact disc (CD) or vinyl audio tape. According to the Recording Academy, an album is required to have a minimum total playing time of 15 minutes, containing a minimum of five distinct tracks. Alternatively, it should have a minimum playing time of 30 minutes of total playing times without the need for having any minimum track.

Many upcoming, amateur and professional music artists upload their music tracks and distribute the same to major music stores and streaming platforms, thus creating the opportunity to others to Listen Music Online Free, Independent Record Labels in USA,even while keeping 100 % rights of the service providers and the royalties due to them. If you are an ambitious music artist and are in a lookout for an opportunity to display your talent and get signed by major record labels, there will be no better environment than this. You can even upload the track directly from your mobile phone by downloading the required app and earn royalties, besides tracking your growth.

Emerging artists now have support and break through digital strategy, global release planning, funding, artist marketing, worldwide play-listing, radio promotion, creative support and Synch & licensing. The top 12 independent record labels in US, sequenced on the basis of revenue generation are; Cash Money, Concord, Disney Music Group, Big Machine Label Group, BMG, Roc Nation, Entertainment One, 300 Entertainment, Beggars Group, Glassnote, Epitaph and Curb. During the first quarter of 2019, the independent record labels had 36% share of the US market, which indicates the potentiality for its rapid growth.

Music artists not heard on major record labels always have the ambition that people will Listen Music Online, Independent Record Labels in USA,and if their performances become popular among the listeners, they can build up their careers with major record labels. After the demise of music broadcasting through radio, digital music, retail stores such as iTunes, Rhapsody and social network have been acting as deterrent to the major record labels, by making music heard online, weeks prior to the day of release. Consequently, the indies are booming fast, making the major labels embracing the strategies indie labels.

While considering the pros of Indies, it could be said that artists preserve the rights to their music and if, even a single hit, can be reused for TVs, movies or video game sound tracks. Artists do not have to go through strict auditory norms; rather the indies label contract is much easier because they have the trust that your brand will sell well, even without a packaged image. The greatest advantage of signing with an independent record label is the close personal relationship you develop a one-on-one basis with the owner and staff. Added to all these, indie are artist-friendly and pay higher amount to the artists in their profit-sharing programs. The cons can be summarized as, paucity of funds, disorganization leading to lapses and size providing less power and influence in the music industry.

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