Rent A Car In Dubai - Most Familiar Questions Comes In Your Mind

Posted by indigorentacar on August 19th, 2019

How Much Money Do You Need To Have With You To Arrange A Service - Rent A Car In UAE?

- You must have an amount sufficient to pay for the car rental company you have chosen for the desired period.
- Refundable deposit from 2000 dirh depending on the car.

What Documents Are Needed To Rent A Car In Dubai ?

UAE Residents Must Have:
- Passport,
- Valid Driving license for at least 1 year from the date of issue

Non-Residents (Tourists, Etc.) Must Have:
- National rights,
- Passport,
- International law (necessity depending on citizenship)

Why Do I Make A Deposit And My Money Back Deadline

- Possible fines are calculated from the deposit
- The return of the deposit minus the above costs is carried out after 30 days (this period is associated with delays in receiving fines from the police)

What Does Timely Service Mean?

- All of our machines undergo timely maintenance in dealerships and specialized centers.
- For the time of maintenance, our customers are provided with a car similar to a rented one.

What Additional Services Does Your Company Provide?

- In addition, we provide a navigator, a child seat, delivery and return of a car from anywhere in the UAE.

What Are The Opening Hours Of The Absolute Car Rental Office?

- Our office works daily from 9 to 18-00
- issuing and receiving cars from customers is carried out daily around the clock.
- If necessary, after 18-00 the employee on duty of the company may be delayed

Is Insurance Included In Car Rental Price?

- CDR insurance is included in the cost of renting a car, in this case, if the client gets into an accident due to his fault (red police report), the client pays a fine of 1500 dirh
- if the driver is not guilty (green police report) the client does not pay anything
- for an additional payment, the client can purchase full insurance and in case of an accident due to the fault of the client - does not pay a fine

What Is The Maximum Number Of Drivers Who Can Drive A Rented Car?!

- Maximum number of drivers
- Approved to drive a car is 2 drivers: primary and secondary.
- An additional driver costs 100 Dirham!  

What Are The Main Rules You Need To Know When Driving In The UAE

- Always follow the rules of the road!
- Please always pay parking.
- Do not exceed the set speed mode.

How To Pay For Parking In Dubai?

Always park your car in designated areas. Do not park cars on the curb, sand, and roadway. If parking is paid, you will see an orange banner with parking rules, time intervals and the number of the parking zone. To pay for parking, you can use 2 methods: Automatic machine for paying for parking (Each hour costs 2 Dirhams, insert the desired number of coins and press OK. You will receive a check that must be placed under the car glass so that it can be seen. Via SMS, from your mobile phone (UAE number) send an SMS to 7275 with the text “Car number zone number of hours.” For example, O44790 383F 3 (Car number O 44790, zone 383F, 3 hours). You will receive an SMS with confirmation and a reminder before as the payment term expires.

How Many Years Can I Rent A Car In UAE?

Under the terms of insurance, you can rent a car from the age of 21! But under the terms of the insurance company, in case of fault, an additional 10% of car repair is charged. For example, if the repair cost is 2000 AED, then the Client pays 200 AED.

How Does A Car Refuel?

Car refueling takes place at stationary gas stations. When refueling a car, there is no need to leave the car - it is necessary for the refueling agent to tell the brand of SPECIAL gasoline and the number of liters, or to a full tank. The cost of SPECIAL gasoline is 1.9 dirh per liter. That is, refueling a full tank will cost from 80 to 120 dirh. Depending on the brand of car and the availability of fuel in the tank.

I Want To Rent A Car In Dubai With Absolute Rent A Car, Tell Me How Not To Pay Saliki?

Saliki is a toll road. Driving under the frame on which RTA saliki is written, you will automatically be charged 4 dirh. At the moment, in the UAE, there are only 4 frames that remove money for travel. Two are on Sheikh Zayed Road. For example, if you are traveling from Dubai Marina or Palm Jumeirah towards Sharjah to the Emirates Mall, you drive under one frame and pay one salik, if you go to Dubai Mall two frames, that is, you get to 2 salik. Returning you will also catch saliki. The third frame of the salik is on the bridge; and the fourth at the entrance to Sharjah. There are no more saliks in the UAE - neither in Abu Dhabi, nor in other emirates. You can avoid paying saliks by choosing detour routes along parallel roads, for example, driving “avoid toll roads” in the navigator. But you need to consider that on parallel roads, the speed limit is much lower than on Sheikh Zayed Road and there are traffic lights. And if you get a fine due to over speed which amounts to 500 dirh, then there will be no effect from saving. Typically, the cost of a tourist's saliki ranges from 80 to 160 dirh. The choice is yours. Have a nice road.

Tell Us About The New License Plates With The Date Of Birth Introduced In The UAE

The initiative of the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) for the sale of license plates with a “twist” has found lively support from motorists. A luxurious car with a “tricky” number symbolizing something important for the owner is able to attract universal attention and make others break their heads over their secret. And the tangible income that the sale of such license plates brings to the budget makes it possible to implement ever new solutions that improve the lives of drivers and pedestrians. Taking into account past successful experience in the sale of license plates, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority announced the start of the next stage of this event, developed for the W series. The five-digit number, according to the plans of the developers, allows everyone to choose a combination that reminds of an important date or event in their life. It could be your birthday, a loved one or child, date of marriage, start of a serious business, date of obtaining rights, just a good day, etc. The first two digits mean the day, the third - the month, the last two - the year in the range from 1967 to 2018. Thus, the Emirates motorists have an additional opportunity to remind themselves and others about something important from their own lives and at the same time to declare themselves in a favorable light. Those who were already interested in this offer could not remain indifferent to the question of the cost of a new unique license plate.


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