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Posted by sandeepw on August 20th, 2019

In India, there are numerous dishes which are spicy and have a lot of ingredients in it which makes it tasty to some other level. In order to cool you with hot dishes like Biriyani, pakora and other curries we need raita; it is a great cooling dish and it is best when served with Biriyani. It has a simple balance of flavors in it and this helps in making the dish very much delightful. Another important fact about raita is that one can accompany it with any dish and it will still be very tasteful.

In the hearts of home cook, raita holds a very distinctive place and the raita recipe is something which most people want to learn. It is basically a very simple dish and many people serve it to their loved ones with all care. It is termed as an exceptional side dish and foodies love the incredible taste that it adds to any dish. One can use raw vegetables and yogurt to make the basic raita dish.

There are certain points discussed below which will make sure that raita in itself is the best additional dish that one can ask for. Indians crave a lot for this and now we will know why.

Interesting Points about Raita

It is delicious as well as healthy in nature; it can be a wholesome meal sometimes. There are certain versions of raita which make the dish even more subtle. One can add up veggies or tangy fruits to add a different flavor to it.

It is a phenomenal dish when served with Biriyani; it simply can make your taste buds drool. Biriyani is spicy and the cooling effect of raita perfectly balances everything in the right manner. It can be made with ingredients that are common in kitchen. One will not have to go the market just to buy the main ingredients.

If anyone is having parathas, they can also have raita with it. The raita recipe is so simple and most importantly it does not take much time to make raita. It can be done in quick time and it effectively revamps any dish you add it with.

Heavy food like pakora, kebabs, aloo Paratha can make your body heat up; raita is always there to cool your body. It mostly gives a healthy feeling to your body by cooing it during hot summers.

Thus with the above points it is evident that raita is a very useful dish; start looking for the recipes to make great raitas. It will cool your mind as well as your body in the right way.

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