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Designing Your Brochure: 4 Useful Tips For Better Business Promotion

Posted by printpapa on August 20th, 2019

Brochures have always been used by both large scale businesses and small brands to convey in-depth information and data about their products or services in an organized and subtle manner. Areas which receive foot-traffic like waiting rooms and public institutions are popular laces to place brochures.

Custom brochure printing lets you design your business brochures in a way which represents your brand’s personality. However, for a banner to be effective, many things need to be kept in mind while designing it.

Here are 4 tips for an effective brochure design:

1. Planning Former, Designing Later

Color – You should always opt for a color which you think suits your brand the best. In case you already have a color you use, use that instead of changing it.

Fonts – Use a font that is easy to read and has a simple look. Helvetica is a good choice as a classic and attractive font.

 Content – Write down all the information in a separate document which will make it easier for you to use them according to your need and placements.

 Images – Since the brochures will be held at arms’ length, all the images and infographics in your brochure should be of high-resolution. This has a better effect on the viewers as a good quality image is a sign of professionalism.

2. A Clear Purpose

A brochure should be able to provide your viewers with an all-around summary of your business and its objectives. A not too complex cover page along with only the necessary info added with good quality images, if any, is what makes for a good brochure. A Call-To-Acton also adds a lot.

3. Simplicity Rules

Do not think that incorporating a lot of design will make your brochures effective. A brochure is supposed to reflect professionalism and too much design goes against it. Keeping things minimal and simple is what is important. The viewers should be able to go through your information without any trouble. Using not more than two colors and a simple font can make your brochures work better. You should also know the importance of providing space. Too much words and images creates clutter which will lead to a disinterest in the viewers’ minds.

Brochures printing services allow you to choose from a variety of simple and quality design templates according to your purposes and objectives.

4. Paper Stock Matters

Most people when printing their brochures opt for gloss covers. This is due to the fact that gloss provides a shine which not only adds protection to the brochure but automatically increases the vibrancy and quality, thus showing professionalism.

Or, if your brand has a vintage aesthetics, opting for a matte finish will reflect your company’s personality better.  

Again, if your brochures contain interactive contents like questionnaires, etc uncoated paper is the best option as it enables one to be able to write on it. Online printing lets you choose from a variety of gloss, matte and uncoated finishes according to your paper stock and add more your brochure.

Nowadays, online printing services come at affordable prices and provides you with custom made brochures based on both the design and quality. An effectively designed brochure helps increase the awareness of your brand, thusmotivating a sales surge.

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