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Posted by Luminus Diamond on August 20th, 2019

There are many types of diamonds that are popular. One of the popular diamond is the cushion cut diamond. The perfect cushion cut diamond would be in the shape of a cushion, square in shape with rounded corners. It is a popular shape as it is attractive, sparkles, and is in a classioc style. The cushion shaped perfect cut diamond is known as the old mine cut diamond. The reason is that this resembles the original mine cut diamonds that were first discovered in South Africa.
The 4Cs
The characteristics of a diamond are described by what are known as 4Cs. Let us take a look at the 4Cs in the case of the cushion perfect cut diamond. The 4Cs here are:
1)    Carat
Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Weight of diamonds is expressed in terms of carat. A carat is 0.2 grams. People usually opt for a 1 carat diamond. Instead of a 1 carat, you can opt for a 0.9 diamond. The perfect cushion cut diamond that is 0.9 carat would be less expensive and would look almost the same as the 1 carat.
2)    Cut
While cushion refers to the shape of the diamond, the cut refers to grade of the cut, i.e:. how well it has been cut, the facets, spacing between facets, etc.

3)    Clarity
Clarity refers to the flaws or imperfections in a diamond. A perfect cut diamond would be of good clarity and you would not be able to see any flaws in it. Clarity is important because of the shape of the diamond. Flaws can be easily seen, so you may want to choose a diamond of good clarity

4)    Color
Color refers to whether the diamond is colorless or yellowish. A grade of D – Z is considered, where D is colorless and Z yellow. Color of grade H is recommended as color would show up on the cushion diamond. H or better ensures white appearance.
Considering the 4C’s would help you decide the best cushion cut diamond that would be a good buy.

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