You can monitoring the data RS232/422/485 COM ports and also displays, logs and analyzes all serial port activity in a system by utility Serial Port Monitor by Eltima.

Monitoring the data transmitted between a computer and its COM interfaces can be a difficult task without the use of a serial port sniffer. The addition of this application in your software toolbox enables you to easily monitor, display, log, and analyze the communication traveling through your system’s serial ports. There are many reasons that developers and testers should use a COM port sniffer to make their lives easier.

Another potential issue when employing hardware solutions for serial port monitoring are problems with latency and time-lag. These issues only complicate the process of monitoring and analyzing serial communication and can be eliminated or reduced when using an RS232 protocol analyzer that is a software application. A quality software-based serial port sniffer will include a user-friendly interface in which to display your data. Saving data files for later analysis is another advantage that is offered by using the software solution. Logged data is time-stamped, streamlining future analysis efforts.

Basic computer skills are all that are needed to install and run the serial port analyzer application on your computer. No programming skills are required in order to conduct monitoring and perform analysis of your Com interface traffic. Any authorized user can easily perform these tasks.

Many types of businesses can benefit from the use of a serial port analyzer. Saving time and money is a common goal of all businesses and this software tool offers both advantages. When the need arises to monitor serial communication, a software solution is your best choice.

When you consider the alternatives, the benefits of a software serial port monitor are obvious. Time will be saved by your IT staff, freeing them for other tasks. Eliminating the need for additional monitoring hardware and cabling saves your company’s financial resources. Many companies in such diverse fields as semiconductor manufacturing, industrial production, and communications have achieved significant benefits through the use of Serial Port Monitor. Use of this tool helps level the playing field, allowing smaller companies to compete more effectively with their larger competitors.