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Things You Should Know About The Latest 5G Technology

Posted by AstroTalk on August 20th, 2019

Due to increasing usage of internet in the recent years, 5G immensly became a topic of discussion. Nowadays, startups have been gigantically investing and adapting the 5G technology in their operations. Past decades, we witnessed high tech companies have proficiently investing in their R&D department in the development of the 5G technology.


But, now that we know 5G will soon come into existence by 2020. In United States, people already got their hands on the latest 5G technology. Wehereas In India, the launch of 5G technology is scheduled for next year.

Nowadays, 4G has become a household name, but people are still unaware of 5G. For them, there would take up more interesting knowing the 5G smartphones rather than knowing about this revolutionary technology. Before knowing what, this new technology holds for us. Let’s get into details about it’s how it can effectively revolutionise our lives. 

To read more about how 5G can bring a major change in different sectors Click Here.


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