What kinds of questions do you need to ask to find the right drug rehab for you?

Posted by Amos Fred on August 20th, 2019

Addiction changes the way your body works. You develop a tolerance for the drug. You’ll start taking more of the substance just to experience the same high. If the addiction is left unchecked, you’ll continue to take drugs to the exclusion of everything else in your life, including your work, passions, relationships, and health.

You can stop that, though. It’s in your power to change your life. All you need to do is start. One way to make that happen is to check into a Los Angeles drug rehab facility. Get treatment from experts. These questions should help you find the right treatment center.

What do you need?

It’s best that you consult with a doctor. Find someone with experience in substance abuse treatments. Get yourself evaluated. Knowing what your condition is will help determine the program and rehab facility that’s right for you. You may think outpatient treatment is better for you. But your doctor may recommend that you opt for a residential treatment program.

What services are provided?

Once you’re clear about the treatment you need, you’ll know what to look for when you browse through rehab centers in the area. Check them out until you find a facility for drug detox in Los Angeles that meets your requirements. From medically-assisted detox to residential rehab, checking on these details will help you receive the help you need. Consider the treatment opportunities of the rehab facilities on your list, the Addiction Blog says.

Is the care plan customized?

A cookie-cutter care plan isn’t going to be very effective. The best ones are always tailored to the needs of the patient. It’s not enough to see that other patients are thriving from the same care plan. People have different needs. What may work for them may not necessarily work for you. A care plan that factors can help with your recovery, Everyday Health says.

Does the facility have any credentials?

Look for accredited rehab centers. Find out what their other qualifications are. Better yet, pay a visit to the center. That can give you an accurate sense of the rehab center and if it can provide you with the supportive environment you need to get better.

Are the staff trained?
Having an experienced doctor in charge of your case isn’t enough. You need to know that the staff knows what to do to help you. Most of the time, they’ll be the ones looking after your health. Are they competent? Do they have the skill, experience, and knowledge to deliver the specialized care needed by addiction patients like you? Discuss that with the rehab facility before you check into any of their treatment programs.

Will your insurance help?

Check in with your insurance provider to see if they can cover a portion of the treatment. Given how expensive the cost of checking into a facility is, every bit of financial help can count for a lot.

How long will it last?

Some treatments last for only days while others may run up to a few weeks, months or even half a year or longer. The length of time you’ll stay in treatment will depend a lot on how far gone your addiction is.

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