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Posted by AAFT University on August 21st, 2019

Cinematography is one of the main branches of filmmaking. A cinematographer creates and captures the visuals in such a way which is not only eye pleasing to the audience but it also conveys the emotional message of the script and the vision of the director. Modern cinematograpy is all about being very contemporary and using the latest technologies and lenses to create a visually appealing images. Cinematographers have equally important role in a movie because capturing the eye-catching visuals whether it the beauty of nature andmountains or any picturesque location requires very creative skills still besides having a sense of aesthetics and understanding of lighting and different angles.

Besides entertainment purpose cinematography is used in many fields like science, medical science, advertising and mass communication etc. As a result in recent times this domain has also attracted the eyes of many young aspirants with creative skill to pursue a career in cinematography. In order to make a career in this craft one can join a professional and recognized cinematography college and gain the relevant skills and knowledge of the industry  

Today there are many cinematographic schools which offer the platform to learn all these artistic skills and learn the academics of cinema.  One can do diploma UG/PG courses in the field of cinematograpy through any of these institutes and gain the expertise.  In these institutes students are also given practical trainings in the form of seminars, sessions, and projects besides teaching the wide curriculum that helps the aspirants to acquire the subtle skills of cinematography.

AAFT, is one of the best cinematographic schools of India. A professional institute of international repute, AAFT, through its school of cinema is offering diploma, UG/PG courses. It has a vast infrastructure, state of art labs and in-house facilities and experienced professionals and teachers who can help aspirant to acquire the technical knowledge of this domain. Here the aspirants get to learn various aspects of cinematography before they step on their career.

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