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Posted by fareed shakir on August 21st, 2019

The Newbies University launched in January 2010 and currently there is of genuine training for Internet Marketing Newbies to learn. Now new Internet marketing professionals have access to an exercise toolkit that may absolutely provide detailed training.

To date the featured links on the training site contains ebooks, videos, and audios on: Steps to Success; 30 Day Challenge tutorials; Article Submitter; Internet Newbies eBook Sales System; Internet Newbies Dictionary; Internet Newbies HTML Tutorial; Internet Newbies Marketing Workbook; Internet Profit Guide; Marketing Interview Audios; Motivational Movies; Newbies Social Network; Squeeze Page Generator; Twitter Training for Business; Ultimate Super Tip; Video BootcampVideo Marketing Training; Viral Submission Tool.

The training university contains pertinent administrative applications that Internet Marketing Professionals need as they are conducting business online. Just to mention a some of the applications lets focus on the affiliate program.

1. Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is a great method for members to earn an income while they're learning how to build their business online and offline.

2. Audio / Video Postcards

What better way to communicate along with your team than by video and audio postcards. Each member has access to this phenomenal application. Individuals that are building or maintaining a group can quickly send video/audio postcards to keep team members abreast of the main element monthly activities. Also, this mode of communication can be delivered to family, friends and potential clients. Its just an effective way to communicate.

3. Blogs / Podcasts / Articles

Social networking and social media marketing marketing is a great way found by potential customers. Members are allowed to publish blogs, podcasts and write articles about their business, their training or whatever topic they choose. This featured application is a must have because it will help marketers build content online. Remember content is still King.

4. Calendar

The calendar is available for members to view the main element activities which are being presented within the membership organization.

5. Discussion Board Forums

There are hot topics always posted for members in an effort to get members to critically think about certain issues and concerns that could arise as they are marketing and conducting their business online. One topic that had a lot of buzz going on within the discussion forums was the question "Are People More Generally Motivated By PAIN or PLEASURE?" The topics and questions which are posted enable the members to essentially think about why they're in business and how to keep the appropriate mindset to stay in business.

6. Private Messaging

Private messages can be sent via text, audio and or video. It really depends how the member wants to contact other members within ISO 27001 toolkit the organization.

7. Member Webpages

Each member has the ability of building their individual webpage. The webpage is employed so that all member can customize and personalize their webpages which allows members to differentiate themselves from others. Plus, the webpages have proven to be great marketing tools to attract individuals to members primary businesses.

In summary the Newbies University was designed to serve as an exercise site to exhibit new and or unsuccessful Internet Marketers how to make money online, just how to obtain access to Internet marketing resources, tools and training.

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