How to Control Gas Pressure by Automation Systems?

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Automation systems are immensely advanced these days, as these can control anything, which we can wish for to run on an auto mood. The story of the automation starts with the advent of transistors which gives the option of ON and OFF for the specific voltages. This gave rise to the concept of automation that anything can be controlled by the orientation of ON and OFF. The frequency plays an important role to give a space for the response of the system, which is responsible for smooth movements of objects. This is purely a field of engineering that can be understandable by automation engineers and lay man has no clue at all what is inside the systems of automation and control of different robots, machines, and devices. The architecture to control different things in the automation industry is solely relates to the structure. Generally, the bigger is the structure, so the larger equipment and high-level codes are required to manage things in a sequential manner; however, smaller structures require a single line codes and basic equipment’s to control things. Thus, it only depends upon the nature of work for the automation services needed for any specific job to do. Likewise, the gas pressure controlling system is the complex one to be automated and controlled.


Here is the brief guideline for the non-engineering class of readers to understand what all is about for controlling the gas pressure systems by the work of automation.


  1. Switch Gear Installation


The first and the far most thing is to install all the switch gears that are necessary to control things physically. it is not the manual operation by the operators when the term physically is mentioned in the switch gear. This is purely a mechanical process which works on a mechanism of voltage-push systems, such as gas regulators are ON when the voltage is applied on its switch gear, and it turns OFF when the voltage is at zero level. In this way, the amount of voltage decides the maximum and minimum level of openings and closings of the gas release from the vent pipes.


  1. Software Installation


The next step is the controlling which is prior to the installation of electronic systems synced with the automation software. Gas pressure control is maintained by the software operation. The mechanism is simple, as the software change the values, then the values are converted into voltage singles which shifts the regulators for to increase or decrease the gas pressure in the funnel tubes.


  1. Control System Parameters Definition


The most important step is the control system parameters definition that decide the amount of voltage signal to be pushed for a change in the value of numbers form the software. This is called as regenerative blowers.


This article is about how the gas control system works to maintain the pressure automatically.



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