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Top 5 Features of Technology

Posted by shubhamraletta on August 21st, 2019


                        Technology can be a strong Method of transforming Learning.and making aspects between knowledge and practical, reinventing our approaches to learning and collaboration reduces long-standing equity and accessibility gaps, and adopt learning experiences to meet the needs of a student or learner.

                                                          Now we talk about the features of Technology.

Top 5 Features of Technology

The top features of Technology are :-

  1. Technology is an extension of human capabilities- Technology should never be seen as something that is here to replace humans or jobs done by humans, instead, it should be seen as a boom of human capability. Revolutionary technologies are those that have been able to increase human physical and sensory abilities. Such as telescopes, microscopes,planes, cars, and many other hardware and software.

  2. Technology is medium  to improve outcomes- Whether it is in business, health, education or whatever industry, technology doesn’t in itself lead to an outcome. But rather, it improves there outcomes. For instance, in the health sector, technology will not treat patients himself. But instead it will help doctors to diagnose better or operate better. In finance, analytics software doesn’t determine financial outcomes but assist experts in determining better result.

  3.  Technology should be a socially embedded activity-Most of the  technologies are ultimately designed to influence very specific social outcomes for man therefore they shouldn’t be seen as foreign concepts but rather an extension of human social life. A deep observation of technology will reveal that it’s always designed for various cultural, ideological or political contexts, ad these are all social aspects of humanity.

  4. Technology is meant to be work functional and practical way-All technology is meant to achieve very specific results that have been well thought out therefore before any piece of technology is designed, it has to be conceptualized and refined and once deemed feasible, it’s then designed, tested and rolled out. It’s only after it’s proved to be functional and practical that it will get to the market conditions.

  5. Technology will always lead to unexpected results- Whereas most of technologies that are developed for  meant to be the betterment of humanity, in some cases and some types of technologies end up resulting in unexpected outcomes. For instance, advancement in robotics for large manufacturing industries has resulted into massive job losses because human labor has become redundant, among many other unexpected results. Whether you are a developer of technology or consumer of technology, it’s always important for you to learn how to upgrade each piece of technology before you adopt it is to ensure that it meets the criteria for what it’s intended for. As long as it meets the above characteristics then you can be assured that it’s a good piece of technology.

So as we have seen how technology works in different aspects or different part of life everywhere we need the help of technologies. For further aspect Technology write for us

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