5 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Time Of Manual Handling To Prevent Injuries

Posted by Auscare Group on August 21st, 2019

No matter how important it is, Manual Handling Training is not provided by many companies. As a result, many employees hurt themselves while lifting, pulling or pushing heavy objects. These mistakes can cause heavy loss and additional cost to the company. The companies realize the fact that arranging the Manual Handling Training is much cheaper than the loss of working hours of the employees along with compensation. It can also affect the productivity of the company hugely. To establish safety in the work culture of your company, you must make aware of the mistakes of manual handling.

1. Double handling: To save time, there are many people who lift a double weight that increases the scope of injury. It is always better to increase productivity but for that, you need to plan properly so that everything can be executed safely. In case, the demand for your product has been increased hugely, the workplace must be modified to gain better efficiency. However, it is a huge mistake to avoid the planning for increment and continue the double handling.

2. Avoiding Wheel: The evolution of the human race has shifted a paradigm with the invention of the wheel. And this important creation has a huge role in Manual Handling Training. To carry any heavy object it is the best way till today. In case, you are not using the wheel in any form like cart, dolly or trolley, then you are making a huge mistake. It will make the activities much easier and better.

3. Ignoring Complaints From Workers: There are many things you can ignore at your workplace, but not the complaints of the workers who are involving in manual handling. You must encourage them to report a little discomfort, niggles, and twinges so that they can be taken care of immediately. If you think the number of complaints is increasing, then it is advisable to arrange the Manual Handling Training so that they can follow the right posture to carry, lift and push heavy objects.

4. Not Involve the Workers: It may be your company but your workers also have their part to play. So while making any decision regarding the manual lifting, always seek their advise or discuss the matter with them because it is the workers who will do all the job for the company.

5. Avoiding Training Session: And finally, we must say that arranging the Manual Handling Training is much important to establish safety culture at your workplace.

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