Getting a New Fireplace Consider Stone Fireplaces

Posted by stonefireplace on August 21st, 2019

Getting a fireplace for your living room is a home improvements decision that is bound to elevate the aesthetic value of your home. However, the question is; which kind should you get? For many homeowners this is a difficult purchase choice to make, as there is more than one option when getting a new fireplace. However, stone fireplaces are an excellent choice in terms of both aesthetic appeal, durability and pricing. Having made this point, it’s only fair to follow up with all the information you need on this subject. Read further to know more.

Common Stone Fireplace Types

Once you have decided upon the traditional stone fireplace, you are sure to bombarded with various stone fireplace types, which can be confusing for many. However, detailed below is all you need to know about various stone fireplace types; information that is sure to make your purchase easy.

  • Limestone Fireplaces – are perfect for those looking for a more classical style. These fireplaces stand out for their exquisite carvings and often come in a range of colors including white, yellow, grey, blue, beige and cream.
  • Cast Stone Fireplaces – often prove to be budget-friendly when compared to natural stone such as limestone, marble, slate and others. This is because cast stone is mass produced from waste stone chips, and is easier to manufacture and mold, compared to natural stone types. A cast stone fireplace surround or mantel has a spotted, pigmented appearance, and comes in a truly wide range of colors.
  • Marble Fireplaces – are the most expensive fireplace types in most cases, but their veiny appearance, and apparent aesthetic appeal, makes it well worth the cost. Marble fireplaces come in a range of colors including white, cream, rose, charcoal and green.
  • Slate Fireplaces – are known to be very resistant to erosion, cracking and fading; and as such is a very smart choice for those looking for durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Slate comes in shades of light to dark grey, and other colors such as red, black, green, purple and even brown.
  • Travertine Fireplaces – are constructed from travertine tiles which are highly durable and defined by their resistance to heat. Travertine comes in colors such as tan, ivory, shades of off-white, gold, and reddish brown.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Stone fireplaces are easy to clean and maintain. After you sweep up and collect all remains of a burnt-out fire; you can easily use any all-purpose cleaner to brighten up the façade of your stone fireplace. Even soap and water can do the job and there is no regular polishing required.

Stone fireplaces are easily available anywhere in the United States. Whether you require a natural stone or cast stone fireplace in Houston, or in Washington DC; you can easily rely upon the excellent production and retail services at Stone Fireplaces. To check out the extensive inventory of fireplaces this company has to offer, head to and be truly mesmerized by the excellent range of choices you can take your pick from.

About the company:

Stone Fireplaces can be your one-stop destination for the best quality fireplaces, with beautiful designs and at the most affordable budget. Whether you are looking for a limestone mantel, sandstone or any other custom fireplace, this is the perfect place to address all of your fireplace surround needs.

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