Acne Treatments that Work for Teenagers

Posted by DermaCareClinic on August 21st, 2019


Finding Acne treatments that work is essential for everyone afflicted with this condition, and it is especially serious for teenagers. Matches exist regarding the different types of acne, levels of severity, and even acne triggers. However, there are also some unique differences exact to age.

Skin Conditions Specific to Teenagers Acne

Before discussing the greatest effective acne treatments, we need to address the different types of acne that teenagers.

  1. Papules: Irritated and tender to the touch lesions that are usually small, pink bumps.

2. Comedones: Nonprovocative papules, either whitehead, which appear as white dots or blackheads that have a black tip.

3. Pustules:  Inflamed lesions complete with pus that are often red around the base.

4. Nodules:  Large, solid, and hurting lesions deep within the skin.

5. Cysts: Deep seeded lesions filled with pus that is hurting and known to cause scarring.

Best Acne Treatments for Teenagers

Teenagers can improve any of the above types of acne. The goal is to choose the acne treatments that work finest accordingly. While moderate to severe cases of acne can disturb any person’s level of self-confidence, this problem is most dominant among teenagers.

Teenage years are often delicate and unfortunately, there have been reported cases of teasing and even harassment of someone in high school who has acne. This is why the outcome safe but also fast-acting acne treatments is imperative.

To keep skin creamed, sebaceous glands naturally produce sebum, which is oil. However, teenagers have powerful hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands, thereby creating too much oil. Sebum spreads the skin through hair follicles but when dust and dead skin cells mix with the overabundance of oil, bacteria that typically lives on the skin’s surface begins to grow in the openings of the cavities. The result is stopped pores and the development of acne.

Extra Acne Treatment Tips

Now, there are other causes that teenagers can be affected by acne but an overproduction of sebum and clogged pores is the main issue.

Because of this, the greatest acne treatments will work to unclog the pores, eliminate together bacteria and dead skin cells, and keep the production of sebum to a normal level. The best option is to follow a daily skincare treatment using only home remedies or commercial products ready with high quality organic ingredients.

  • As part of good skincare, exfoliation is important. With this, unnecessary oil and dead skin cells will be sloughed off. The fault that some teens make is using a harsh remedy or product that actually irritates the skin further. In this case, it is important to choose only a mild exfoliate, rubbing it on the skin’s surface in gentle, circular motions. The same is true when choosing an organic cleaner in that it needs to be made with gentle yet effective ingredients and applied to the skin sensibly.
  • For teenage girls, cosmetics with an oil base are to be escaped at all cost. Instead, we mention only non comedogenic products. These products still provide great coverage but without affecting acne breakouts or making an existing condition worse. Non comedogenic cosmetics are particularly made to prevent pores from becoming clogged, allowing skin to remain healthy and acne free.
  • Probably one of the major mistakes that teenagers make is pick at or squeezing pimples. While it might seem cracking a pus filled pimple helps, in actuality this pushes germs even deeper into the skin. In addition, messing with acne growths inflammation as well as the danger for permanent and unsightly scarring.
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