The Five Types of Tote Bags for Women to Have

Posted by ednaalvarado on August 21st, 2019

Tote bags are popular these days owing to their size and style. The length of the bag handle varies according to the design and requirement. One should always choose a tote bag based on their lifestyle and need. You can easily classify the tote bags for women into different elements as size, usage, occasion, and design. The tote bags are available in either square or bucket shape.

Tote Bags Basics

You might be surprised to know, but tote bags have more than one compartments to store the daily essentials. These are widely available with zipper, tab with clasps, and magnetic snaps. Some of the embellishments you can find with a tote bag include studs, rivets, and cutwork, which make the bag more attractive. You can also purchase it in print, color blocks, or textured.

Given below are the five significant types of tote bags available in the market.

1. Canvas Tote Bags

The canvas tote bags are the most commonly available type of bags owing to their added functionality and sturdy make. It is widely available in different patterns like checks, plaids, and funky prints. At times, you can also find leather trims, which make it even more attractive and provide added functionality. Canvas tote bags come with zip fasteners. The manufacturer makes sure these resist moisture and last longer. It is one of the best tote bags for women.

2. Jute Tote Bags

Just as the name suggests, the Jute bag comes from long vegetable fibre. The Jute Tote bags are in-trend these days, owing to them being eco-friendly. A jute tote bag has a single compartment along with zipping or magnetic snaps for fastening. It is handy for carrying household items like grocery, as it is replacing the unnatural materials like plastic.

3. Small Tote Bags

The small tote bags are less in size when compared to the normal-sized tote bags. Depending on your usage and style, these come made in leather, suede, and nylon material. It comes with small grabbing handles to carry around one’s arms and can work effortlessly with long shoulder strap for increased portability. However, you need to understand that these have fewer pockets, and space is only to fit small objects. We recommend if you are looking for a small-sized tote bags for women, then these are the perfect option.

4. Denim Tote Bags

The Denim tote bags made from denim fabric used for manufacturing jeans. It comes with a zip or magnetic snaps to stop the stuff inside from falling out. With longer handles for a comfortable grip, these also offer portability. The best time to carry off a denim tote bag is casual occasions or when carrying water-resistant items. These are widely available in solid colors, especially in blue.

5. Textured Tote Bags

With exception to making fabric, the texture patterns found on the majority of tote bag material. These are readily available in different designs as woven, swirls, and checks, among others. The textured tote bags offer the complete utility as found in ordinary tote bags, and is the perfect combination with formal wear.


When you are looking to buy tote bags for women, make sure to give the bags mentioned above a try. We are confident you would not regret the decision.