Private Swim Lessons Improve knowledge and Help Those with Anxiety

Posted by ortegalaw on August 21st, 2019

Swimming is an important skill for everyone to learn, especially those who live near a large body of water. Knowing how to swim will keep a person safer if he or she unexpectedly ends up in a pool, lake, river, or ocean. Swimming is also one of the best exercises. It improves cardiovascular fitness and causes the body to process oxygen more efficiently. While most lessons involve a group of students learning to swim; some people are better served with private swim lessons in Santa Monica.

Infants and True Beginners

Students who need extra care and attention should take private lessons. A one-on-one session for infants and children that aren't yet water safe allows the instructor to concentrate on one child. This provides a better experience, builds trust with the student, and keeps the lessons safe. Private sessions build the child's confidence and capabilities; they lay the foundation for future swimming and grow the child's love for the activity. Once the student is old enough and has become water safe, he or she can move to group lessons.

Students with Extreme Anxiety

Some children are afraid of water. In group sessions, the instructor doesn't have time to work with a student on his or her fear. A private lesson will help your child gain the skills he or she needs to deal with the fear of water. Because the instructor can focus on helping the child get comfortable with the water, the child will be better able to control his or her actions. When the child is more comfortable with the water and the basics of swimming, he or she will be able to move to group lessons.

For Adults with Specific Needs

Adults learn differently than children and have specific needs. Beginning adults who have high anxiety around water will benefit from one-on-one instruction and will learn techniques to deal with their anxiety. Private swim lessons in Santa Monica can also help adults perfect their strokes so that they can swim more effectively and efficiently. Because many adults know what they want out of a swim lesson, having a private instructor makes sense; group classes may not immediately address what an adult is looking to get out of a class, which could lead to boredom. Private lessons ensure that adults get the information they want so that they can enjoy swimming even more.

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