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Posted by texastechnical on August 21st, 2019

Alumina products are among the strongest and hardest of all ceramic materials. They also have a high dielectric strength and at elevated temperatures, such as those encountered in many applications, their electrical resistance is excellent. The best alumina ceramics also feature very high mechanical strength, high thermal conductivity, and high resistance to chemical and corrosion attack at both room and elevated temperatures. This highly valuable class of materials can be made extremely hard - second only to a diamond on the Mohs' scale. This means it has great resistance to wear and abrasion.

Many of alumina's outstanding properties can be enhanced through variation in manufacturing methods and in chemistry. Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. has earned a reputation for achieving dimensionally accurate alumina parts with excellent quality and reproducibility. They offer various industries advanced solutions for all of their product needs. They work with With over 30 years of experience, TTC is a trusted source for developing and manufacturing innovative ceramic parts and products that adhere to rigorous elements and industry specifications. Our experienced engineers work directly with our customers from prototype to production to find the best solutions at highly competitive prices.   

Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. utilizes the most advanced materials to develop ceramic applications that are sturdy and long lasting. Our experience with alumina ceramics and Cordierite, Steatite, Spinel, Wollastonite, and various Partially Stabilized Zirconias, enables our engineers to find solutions for your most complex project needs. They provide products for many different industries like aerospace, medical and much more. 

Post completion of the manufacturing of our products, those are always followed by the rigorous inspection process, for which we have dedicated a full inspection department. You can approach us for the mass production of different products for your requirements. Our rates are quite nominal, and better than our competitors, such as coorstek ceramics. Because of our committed services, we are often discussed in the news and media. We have so far served our customers from multiple domains, such as aerospace and aviation, chemical processing, electronics and appliances, electron tube components, fuel cells, sensors and membranes, laser equipment components, mining and minerals, and more. 

Contact TTC today to learn more about our professional ceramic services and how we can assist you with your project needs.Click here to contact us or call Jeff Lassinger at (936) 931-8181. 

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