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Posted by markwahl barg on August 21st, 2019

With the help of inventory management system, Dear Systems inventory management system controls each bottle individually, allowing you to have accurate and up-to-date information on your movements and consumption up to the last drop. Managing your Beer, Wine, and Liquor inventories have never been so easy and above all accurate with

Let us explain how we do it:

When a bottle is received, you apply our small barcode label. After this simply scan our barcode together with the manufacturer's barcode that already exists on the bottle label.

Our inventory management for Beer software immediately creates a profile that contains all the vital information of each bottle, such as brand, volume, dimension, cost, and etc. With this, we are prepared to give the most jealous monitoring of its content, from the receipt of it in its warehouses until its consumption.

Our inventory management for wine system also has a rule with an attached barcode that will allow you to have the dimensional profile of the bottles that are already open and from where customers are being served.

This facility allows us to also control the exact contents in the open bottles, with which we can generate reports automatically, on your inventories, as well as reports that will allow us to obtain substantial savings. is very flexible, you can carry out the inventory shots as frequent as your business needs require, being able to do them after each shift change, daily, weekly, monthly, after each event.

It is because to perform them you will only need the portable scanner, which you can use both inside and outside where the activities were being held. The entire process takes only seconds per bottle, and it is so simple, that it can be carried out by any member of your staff.

Our inventory management for spirits program has developed a well designed system to inform you about missing bottles, as well as errors in the measurements in the open bottles. It is to be able to assure you that you will have the most accurate control and account of your inventories.

From start to finish, our inventory management for wine safely monitors the entire cycle of your liquor investment, drastically reducing leaks that commonly occur in the industry.

Our inventory management for Wine control program not only brings you your inventories but also allows you to evaluate your processes/practices and employees, assuring you less waste and much larger profits.

If you want the best inventory management system, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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