Why You Must Have a Home Alarm System

Posted by Spichers Security Systems LLC on August 21st, 2019

Home alarm systems are now seen as some of the most important features of residential properties. If your home still isn’t equipped with security cameras and sensors, then it's time to seriously consider calling in the experts. Here’s why it’s essential to install home alarm systems in Chambersburg, PA;

Protect your assets

Here’s a sobering fact: According to the FBI, one in every 36 homes in the country is likely to be burglarized. How many of your friends, relatives, and colleagues have lost jewelry, money, and other high-value items because someone broke into their houses? You probably know at least one or two victims. Without a reliable home alarm system, you are putting your home and your valuables at risk. One of the best ways to ensure that your assets are secure is to install a robust security system that can stop criminals from even trying in the first place. 

Remotely access your home

Home burglaries usually take place during daylight or during the hours when the owners are at work or in school. But don’t worry—modern home alarm systems in Chambersburg, PA let you access your home remotely. You’ll get notified immediately if the alarm or the camera detects suspicious movements so you can check your home through the security cameras and evaluate the situation as soon as possible even if you are at the office or while traveling. Modern home alarm systems also alert you in case of fire and other emergencies, letting you call the authorities or ask for help right away.

Deter burglars

Home alarm systems will not only help you catch thieves but also keep them away from your property in the first place. According to reports, most burglars avoid entering the highly secure properties and abandon their plan to trespass homes with security systems. In fact, some 60% of convicted burglars say that that avoid homes with security systems simply because there’s such a high risk of getting caught, and that they target other homes with no security systems instead. The presence of security cameras and alarms is enough to discourage anyone from trying to break in and prevent all sorts of crimes from happening.

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