How to Do SDN BDH Business Registration in Malaysia

Posted by 3ecpamy on August 21st, 2019

Malaysia is a suitable business destination in Asia, where you can find ample of opportunities to grow your small or mid size business easily and earn more revenue for it. Now-a-days, many entrepreneurs and foreign investors are doing Sdn Bdh business incorporation in Malaysia. So, if you are also willing to incorporate Sdn Bdh business or company in Malaysia? If yes, you should first need to know what is Sdn Bdh company in Malaysia and how to do registration of same type of company in the country too?

What is SDN BDH Company in Malaysia?

The Sdn Bdh stands for Sendirian Berhad Company, which means a private limited company in Malaysia. When you will register Sdn Bdh company in Malaysia, then Sdn Bdh will also appear with your company’s name. However, this Sdb Bhd is a common entity for all private and corporate businesses in Malaysia and is applicable for all level companies to be registered as per legal corporate norms in the country.

Steps to Register SDN BDH Company in Malaysia

Your Malaysia business registration aim can be made successful through a professional company secretary. However, it is mandatory for all level businesses in Malaysia to appoint a skilled company secretary after completion of six months of company incorporation in the country.

An experienced company secretary of company will have to manage Sdn Bdh business registration process through legal process. He or she will have to register business first through SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia). Here SSM is an authorized or statutory body in Malaysia, which regulates the corporate businesses in Malaysia to operate legally in the country.  So, you need to know about legal norms of SSM first and its significance in business registration process in Malaysia as well.

Below are some legal requirements to register Sdn Bdh company in Malaysia such as:

1. There should be 2 directors in the company and both should be residing in Malaysia. Also, there should be 2 shareholders of the company at least.

2. Do set a professional and decent looking name of the company and ensure it is unique and does not match with name of other companies in the industry.

3. Daft a letter that should conclude proper details of business and its activities for acknowledgement of Malaysia government.

  1.   Do submit photocopy of passport or IC of directors and shareholders of company.

5. Do submit registered address proof of company. Also, you may give details of company’s bank account, contact numbers, and other legal proofs too.

6. Make sure company minimum paid-capital to start business in Malaysia.

  1.   Share the possible structure of company with higher authority for verification.

Thus, above are some relevant requirements for registering Sdn Bdh company in Malaysia through legal steps. So, if you unable to follow up all above requirements for company registration on your own, then it will be good, otherwise, you may take aid of genuine business registration agencies in Malaysia too. The corporate agencies in Malaysia will surely assist you in managing all business incorporation to its registration requirements and documentation works to be completed through legal ways.

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