Why Tattooing is a Taboo in the Islamic Religion?

Posted by SEO TEAM on August 22nd, 2019

Islam is a religion of peace and love. It spreads justice and give people a chance to live under a banner of freedom where state can provide them the basic facilities. So, Islam is basically a complete code of life to live, in accordance to laws and rules of Islam, to maintain a balance system in the society. Now anything that disturbs or violates the balance of the system is banned in Islam. This topic is specific towards the tattooing, and why it is banned in Islam. It is a complex debate to decide whether tattooing is banned or not in Islam. Tattooing require a self-torture to showcase the ornaments of a body in a unique way to present. As Islam is a religion of peace and love, so the self-torture violates the basic definition of Islam for tattooing different arts on a body. Although, tattooing does not, in no sense, disturbs the balance of the society, so the other perspective can be an adoptable thing to do in Islam. Liberals think in a different way than Islam perspective. Their approach is to live an individual life at their own wishes and understandings. So, liberals love to enjoy tattooing on their bodies and enjoy the lifestyle for the factor of uniqueness in the community. Now, Islam gives equal opportunity to everyone and no one is superior, in any way of race, cast, religion, etc; from the other. So, if any person is tattooing purposely to look superior than the other person, obviously this type of intent is banned in Islam. On the other hand, if tattooing has no such intention behind it, so it is a cherish thing to do with no conflicts to the religion of Islam.

Here is the brief guideline to know why tattooing is referred to as a taboo in Islam, tough its alright to adopt it.

  1. Separate Personal Identification

Cosmetic tattoo artist NY helps to give a separate personal identification with their glossy and excellent work. Being Muslims and following a religion of Islam it is alight to have a separate personal attributes and identification to present oneself. There are only the few ones who consider it as a taboo in a Muslim world, and these are called the leftist who have the primitive thoughts for the religion of Islam.

  1. Concept of Tattooing in Islam

Tattooing is another form of cosmetics for the people. Initially, the leftist of Islam has shown a credible discontentment for the use of the cosmetics for a women and men. Now, they accept it. As tattooing is a newer version of cosmetics, which is popular in permanent cosmetics New York, so sooner it will also be accepted by the leftist.

  1. Primitive Concept of Art in Islam

Art is a beautiful companion of Islam leading form the great monuments, buildings, to small things such as pictures, brow design, calligraphy, etc. So, a day will come soon that people love to display tattoos of Islamic arts on their bodies to show love theme for the religion of Islam.

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