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Wordpress or Drupal: Which is better?

Posted by a2zfame on August 22nd, 2019

Are you looking for website development services in USA? Are you not sure about the technologies and CMS? If yes, then you should read this guide. Most of the people get confused when it comes to choose between Drupal and Wordpress. Some people think that Drupal is hard to understand and complex than Wordpress, while others think that Drupal is better than Wordpress. This guide is all about clearing all your doubts and making it easy for you to decide which platform to choose.

  • They are both easy and free to use.
  • They are available with various modules and wide library of Plugins
  • Both have loyal users
  • Both are open source technologies
  • Both are great tools

They both are the ideal platform to fulfil the website development needs and it is all about which technology makes most sense for you.  Here we have come up with few differences, you can check them out below:

  • Functionality:

Most of the people choose wordpress development service online in Australia as they think wordpress can be the best platform to fulfil the needs. If we talk about functionality, then Wordpress is less complicated than Drupal (as it has most advanced functionality and more features).

Drupal has content types, taxonomies, views, blocks and more and this platform is better equipped to handle your needs of multiple content types or page templates. Drupal has more advanced user permissions as compared to Wordpress. It offers you content editors, site admin and much more. You can look for the best Drupal development services USA.


  • Ease of use:

Both are popular and easy to use. Some people think that Drupal is complicated and hard to use but with technical experience and some learning, it can also be easy to use. Building an advanced site with more advanced features can be easier with Drupal. Wordpress on the other hand is quite easier to learn.

  • Flexibility:

Drupal offers themes for starters and some themes for custom development as well. Wordpress offers various Plugins and free and paid themes that can be used to build any site. Available Plugins in Wordpress makes it easier for people to use it for site development. Drupal also offers such Plugins in updated version but it needs developers to manage them.

  • Cost:

Both are free to use or download. You just need to pay developers to build your site using such platforms. If we talk about developers then you have to pay more to Drupal developers.

Drupal is powerful and flexible platform that is considered more secure than wordpress. On the other hand, wordpress is easy to use and available with so many themes and Plugins. Drupal can handle large content volume and support thousands of pages.  Each platform has its own benefits and you can choose the right platform to get the website built. You need to look for the right company like to get all sort of website development assistance.

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