How to Find the Perfect Scent for Your Wedding Day

Posted by ortegalaw on August 22nd, 2019

Weddings are visually spectacular. The bridal gown is show-stopping; flowers are arranged beautifully. The tasteful décor complements the scenic venue that leaves guests in awe. But do you know what completes the ambiance of your ceremony? The fragrance you choose to wear.

Think of Your Setting
When you're walking down the seashore, and you close your eyes, you smell the fresh breeze and the crisp scent of sea salt - nothing strong or aromatic. If you're having a beach wedding, opt for perfumes that have a clean and delicate fragrance to complement the setting.

On the other hand, floral perfumes with sweet top notes go well with garden weddings. They'll remind you of the lovely blossoms that adorn your venue on the day you say, "I do." At vineyard ceremonies, fruity fragrances that aren't citrusy are perfect. Layer them with warm notes of wood and musk, and you're good to go.

Find Something That Matches You
Like rings and gowns, perfumes aren't one-size-fits-all. Some fragrances will smell nice on a person but then fails to work its magic on someone else. So when you're choosing a scent that you'll wear on your wedding day, it's important to pick something that suits you. Here are things to think about when finding the right one:

Learn about Your Skin Type
Rough skin textures can hold fragrances for a long time since perfume molecules settle in their contours. On the other hand, dry surfaces will let go of the smell quickly. Natural oils on your skin are needed for scents to last.

Ditch the Blotting Strips
People produce their own unique smell that reacts with the perfume they spray on. The combination can either go well with each other or not. You won't be able to tell if a fragrance flatters you if it's on paper.

Get to Know Your Notes
Read about the notesthat are associated with the perfume you're buying. They work differently with each person's body chemistry.

Make sure to buy your fragrance weeks before your wedding. You want to test how well it suits you before the big day.

Try Layering Scents
You can also create a custom blend if you can't find something to your liking. That process is called layering: you spray one scent on top of the other. Generally, you can combine perfumes from the same family. If you've read your notes (pun intended), you know which scents are grouped together. By personalizing your fragrance, no one will wear the same perfume combination on your wedding day.

Just like the bridal gown, shoes, and accessories, fragrances are an essential part of your wedding. They're memory triggers, and they'll always remind you of the day you tied the knot with your special someone. So pick the perfect scent that gives a lasting impression.

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