A Quick Guide to Hassle-Free Instant Payday Loan Application

Posted by Swift Loans on August 22nd, 2019

Have you ever tried taking out a payday loan? It’s a type of short-term loan that must be repaid on your next payday. Lenders typically offer small amounts of money with a high interest rate.


People take out these kinds of loans despite the stringent payment terms for a variety of reasons, which may include debt consolidation, emergency situations, and avoidance of borrowing money from family or friends due to embarrassment.


But did you know that there are instant payday loans that are easy to apply and pay for? Indeed, there are lenders such as Swift Loans Australia who can give you an instant payday loan that is tailored to your particular needs.


Take the hassle out of applying for you payday loan from Swift Loans Australia by following the tips in this quick guide.


  • Determine the amount of money you’ll need.


What will you need the payday loan amount for? Properly assess your finances and choose an amount that will suit your needs. You shouldn’t opt for a higher amount even if the payday loan provider offers low interest rates, easy repayment terms, or other attractive features.


Swift Loans Australia offers loan amounts starting from 0. If you plan on applying for their payday loan offerings, your loan amount shouldn’t exceed 00.


  • Plan your repayment terms.


How long will you be able to repay your payday loan? You can choose from repayment plans within 10-52 weeks. Planning your loan repayment terms even before you start applying for the actual loan will give you a heads-up on budgeting your expenses during the duration of your loan repayment period. It will save you from the headache of not knowing where to get the money when a loan repayment due date comes near.


  • Start your application online.


Once you’ve finalised your intended loan amount and repayment plans, you may start applying for your loan online. Swift Loans Australia has a no-fuss instant payday loans online application which includes filling up an online form and attaching required documents such as valid IDs and 90 days bank statement.


There’s no need for you to have a face-to-face meeting with the lenders because the payday loan application is 100% online. The lender ensures a secured online environment so you don’t have to worry about sharing personal finance details on their website.


  • Wait for your verification, approval, and loan amount confirmation.


Swift Loans Australia will verify your loan eligibility a few minutes after they’ve received your complete online application. They will also phone you on your mobile number to complete this process.


If your application gets approved, you’ll get an email with a link to the loan offer. Simply follow that link, read through your loan contract once again, then electronically sign it.


  • Receive your instant payday loan funds in your bank account.


After receipt of the signed loan contract, Swift Loans Australia will promptly release your loan proceeds to your nominated bank account within an hour. This is applicable granted you filed your loan application within standard banking hours.


  • Complete the Simple Direct Debit payment form.


You can repay your instant payday loans effortlessly by using the Simple Direct Debit facility. The lender will have you complete an application for to use this payment facility after you’ve received your funds.


In a Nutshell


You may need to take out an instant payday loan for a particular purpose at one point in your life. When this need arises, you can count on the loan offerings provided by Swift Loans Australia.


It is a sound idea to plan ahead the amount and repayment terms that suit your paying capacity. This will save you and your budget in the long run.


Applying for instant payday loans becomes quick and easy thanks to the purely online transactions delivered by this lender. Instant Payday Loans Online applications and approvals take only a matter of minutes, and your loan proceeds will be transferred to your account within an hour.


So, the next time you decide to take out a payday loan, consider Swift Loans Australia first. Visit their site at swiftloans.com.au and enjoy a hassle-free payday loan application today.

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