The New Age Helpdesk is a Customer Portal

Posted by CRMJetty on August 22nd, 2019

Your customers value their time and energy. And if they are shopping from your website or store, you should value it too. This is where the concept of self-service comes in. Your customers can handle certain parts of the shopping and maintaining processes themselves if you equip them with the right tools.
A software solution is the way to go. You can have a Salesforce self-service portal or any CRM self-service portal in connection with your store. This way the customers can find whatever they need whenever they need it without having to rely on anyone. Let’s look at some of the features:
Software solutions run round the clock without the need of constant human interaction. Your Salesforce customer portal would also be accessible by customers at any time of the day. This means that your customers will get the assistance they need without you having to employ people in more than regular shifts. This can save you money in the long term and your regular shift support staff will be happier with higher salaries.
Workload management:
When your support staff does not have to deal with customers for repeated questions and solve cumbersome simple tasks, they are more likely to manage their work duties better and be more productive overall. Some customers tend to get more aggressive and the Salesforce customer portal decreases your staff’s irritation.
No Wait time:
The jokes about waiting for hours on the phone for a customer support executive are rampant on the internet. A Salesforce self-service portal can eliminate these waiting times for your customers, which goes a long way in customer happiness. It also establishes your brand as customer friendly.
Salesforce WordPress integration:
Self-service automatically becomes easier with an intuitive and informative dashboard. The Salesforce WordPress integration allows the WordPress admin to set modules for that dashboard to help clients see recent additions. The dashboard also allows for global search as well as filtered search. This integration also allows the user to view their order records.  
Query management:
Your users can search for the query they have before doing anything else and they will find pre-existing cases before adding their own case to it. This way they can get answers faster. This eliminates the need to repeatedly address common questions and issues that customers have.
Empower your customers with this tool so that your support staff can breathe easier with lesser burden and be self-sufficient. They will not need to spend time calling or having an ever-growing email thread for a small issue.

The number of products we use is growing, and there is a learning curve to them. Customers can face plenty of issues in this situation and if all of these customers asked all the questions they have, via emails or phone calls, your entire staff will not be enough to cater to them. Therefore, this is as good a time as any to implement a self-service portal.
When it comes to choosing a customer portal, the most important thing to make sure is that it is secure. You cannot provide customers with a portal at the cost of their security. This is why a Salesforce self-service portal provides the security that your customers deserve.
Apart from security, you should look for certain key features when it comes to selecting a customer portal, like access, layout customization, scalability, and the ease of credential management, among others. If you have these features, you will likely not need anything more.

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