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Scaffolding Australia

System scaffolding in Australia is one of the primary requirements of any building constructor while carrying out any kind of building or repair job. One of the most popular systems of creating a staging structure is Kwikstage or Quickwedge system, which is a modular scaffolding system in which wedges cater to all requirements of securing all access scaffolds, thereby eliminating all loose ends. The wedge-based fixing of the ledgers and transoms offers an uncomplicated and efficient way of providing access to scaffoldings in the Kwikstage System. It has an inflexible and well-defined four way fixing that renders fastened location without any kind of unwanted movement in the system. This structure furnishes a guaranteed vertical alignment through a highly effective spigot and wedge based fitting.

Some of the components of Kwikstage scaffolding of Perth are as follows:

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• Quickwedge Standards / Vertical

It is made from high grade standard scaffolding tubes and finds its application in creating the support or uprights used in the structure. This product forms a location for ledgers and transoms and consists of a series of V-pressed welded components. It can be availed along with an integral wedge spigot or as an open ended variant.

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• Quickwedge Ledger/Horizontal

The scaffolding tubes with wedge fixing devices are used to manufacture this component, which is placed in the uprights or standards longitudinally. They can be used inside as well as outside of the scaffolding in WA - at platform level inside and as guardrail outside.

• Quickwedge Transom

Used to form a frame as well as to fix the inner & outer standards transversely while being used in conjunction with V-pressed verticals, these transoms are T-sections that possess wedge-fixing components at the ends.

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• Quickwedge Return Transom

It is a product that is made from steel-pressed components with the purpose of being placed alongside a ledger to form a 90O angle of return in the scaffold, and possesses specialized spaces on one side for steelstage or timber battens.

• Ladder Access Transom

It is a simple part that is used to create an easy mode to access the platform through ladders. This component links the coupler to one ledger while the 'C' is placed on the opposite ledger and the batten boards are secured alongside the transom.

Scaffolding Sydney

• Scaffolding Bracing

It is used to form a facade bracing by securing its pivoting captive wedge fittings, which are welded at each end to the V-pressing of the verticals/standards.

• Stage Bracket 1/2/3 Board

• Tie Bar

It is a long, angled iron bar that is equipped with a dowl at both ends to link stage-brackets with each other.

• Toe Board Bracket

It is clamped to the verticals located at the end of the staging system to fasten the timber or steelstage end toe board

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