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Posted by sandeepw on August 22nd, 2019

A fleet management company is a company that possess a large fleet of vehicles that they lease out to the customers. All the complex fleet operations are supervise by the fleet manager. Given below is a list of ways to ensure the security of your fleet management company and bring out considerable progress to the output

1. Take prompt actions in the matter of the safety of your fleet

The most important thing to keep in mind is to take immediate actions when the safety of your fleet is in question. It is always a good idea to invest in driver behaviour monitoring app, hands free device and in-cab cameras as your driver may be preoccupied by many diversions and safety hazards. By this scheme you can understand what your drivers are up to and avoid probable dangers.

2. Simple and straight-forward fleet maintenance management

Drivers would effortlessly keep up with the practice of vehicle services and maintenance if the fleet vehicle maintenance management is made uncomplicated and obtainable. The process of inspection, scheduling and reporting should thus be mobile, automated and available to anyone on the team thereby making it trouble-free.

3. Lay out instructions for purchasing and disposing vehicles

It is important to set guidelines for fleet vehicle acquisition and transfer as the motive should be to increase substitution of vehicle. People from diverse subdivisions may buy vehicles as per requirement and keep them for an indefinite period of time if no instructions are given.

4. Set aim for driver performance

If you offer incentives to the drivers for doing their job properly, they would be encouraged to perform better. Drivers can be marked on various sectors such as high fuel efficiency, high driving performance and regular vehicle inspections.   

5. Count and estimate all important things

Fleet leasing companies can detect the betterment of fleet performance by measuring cost per mile, total cost trend and operating cost summary. It thus provides substantial perception on the vehicle performance in general.

ALD Automotive is a French fleet managing and car leasing company. Owned by Société Générale, the company is present in 43 countries worldwide.  With a global ranking of 3 and European ranking of 1, the company provides innovative tools to fleet managers and drivers thereby working efficiently towards client satisfaction.

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