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Posted by Sandeep MS on August 22nd, 2019

Migrating to Canada indicates that you are living in the most secure and safe nations in the world. The benefits of being the resident of this Country aren't restricted to getting a charge out of grand magnificence or accessing nature's stunning showcase.

Moreover, another Useful part of being a Canadian is that Medicinal treatment in Canada is free as it is backed by administration charges for the purpose of utilization. So the Immigration to Canada will give you a more beneficial, joyful, and fruitful life.

Canada Permanent Residence:

Benefits of being a permanent resident in Canada:

  • You will get all common benefits that citizens of Canada receive, which includes all health care coverage,
  • Anywhere in Canada, you can live, work or pursue your education,
  • You can even apply for Canadian citizenship,
  • Even You can sponsor family members for Canada PR Visa
  • Last but not least, If you lost your job during the permanent residence, you will receive $ 2,000 monthly as financial assistance.

To enjoy these benefits, you must pay your taxes and consider all Canadian laws at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

What are all the documents need to be submitted to get Canada PR?

Initially, To obtain a permanent resident visa you have to submit the following details:

  • Submit your all medical certificate and criminal record statement.
  • Fill up and submit a permanent resident visa form
  • The application fee needs to be pay
  • Attend your interviews with immigration councilor
  • IELTS Language Test Results
  • Your Transcripts
  • Degree Certificate

How long it will take to get my Permanent Residency?

The duration of the process for a Canadian PR after you receive invitation varies from immigration program or stream. Because each candidate has a different program or application and hence, the process of application cannot be same or standard for all. However, the Express Entry claims to process the form within 6 months after receiving the Invitation to Apply(ITA).

Incase If you submit all relevant and right documents about the information provided in your profile, then it will take the shortest possible time to get processed your visa card. So please make sure the documents you are submitting is well arranged and correct one.

Benefits of getting services from the registered Canada Immigration Consultants:

Nowadays, Aррlуіng for Canada PR vіsа has become a little bіt worry for the аррlісаnts due to regular іmmіgrаtіоn сhаngеs аnnоunсing by Canadian gоvеrnmеnt. Canadian gоvеrnmеnt is as it is very keen and strict about their іmmіgrаtіоn rulеs and guіdеlіnеs.Неnсе, I would suggest you сhооsе a trustеd Immigration Соnsultаnсу to аррlу for a permanent residency visa in Canada. Immigration Consultants uses their knowledge and experience in the immigration sector to guide any applicants in various perspectives of immigration. For Canada PR you should check twice and choose the best one and which is fast and update in the immigration sector. 

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