The best White Clothes washing tips:

Posted by markwahl barg on August 23rd, 2019

Everyone wants white laundry, as the industry knows. Do not fall for insignificant product promises. The best option for the white clothes is to give them to Pick up Laundry service NYC. However, we have given some important tips to wash white clothes at home.

What is meant by "white laundry"?

White laundry is colloquial of bedding, towels, tea towels and socks. Often also include undershirts and underpants. It is simply about all laundry, which is white.

Important are two aspects:

- If a white fabric has colored accents, the part does not belong in the whitewash.

- You must also sort according to the manufacturer's washing recommendation, otherwise cotton and silk will end up in a wash cycle.

Is it possible to wash white laundry with other colors?

If you can look for smaller shades of gray, then this is not a problem and you can wash white laundry with bright colors. Otherwise, you should always wash white laundry separately. Finally, undyed tissue quickly picks up other color particles from the wash water.

If such a mishap happens, you can use a decolorizer. Work exactly to the package to remove the pink-gray or light blue discoloration again. However, you should do it immediately, because the longer the discoloration, the worse the chances of getting rid of it.

Whitewash with a black pattern:

This common combination is difficult. It is best to wash the garment at 40 degrees Celsius and use a mild detergent. So the pattern does not dissolve and even if the white gets a bit grayer, this does not stand out in contrast to the pattern. Look for a mild detergent with grayness inhibitors. They prevent black particles of color from settling on the white tissue.

How is white laundry washed?

- Sort your white laundry according to washing temperature.

- If necessary, also sort the 30 ° C laundry once more, for example by laying cotton and silk one by one.

- Treat stains.

- Put your sorted, pre-treated laundry into the machine.

- Does the washing powder according to instructions. Pay attention to the washing temperature, the amount, the degree of soiling and the water hardness.

A special note by Pick up Laundry service NYC: Detergent works based on these four factors. Incorrect dosing of the detergent may cause too much or too little foaming, the enzymes and surfactants contained in it may not work properly or limescale in the water prevents full effectiveness.

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