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Posted by Ali Tariq on August 23rd, 2019

Good experience in a hotel is essential for both physical and emotional satisfaction. Have you ever gone to a hotel with rude and unfriendly waiters and or waitresses? How did you feel? Will you ever go to such a hotel again? The truth is, whether the food was of high quality or not as long as the staff was unfriendly, you may never go there again.

Similarly, no customer can consider returning to a hotel with warm and friendly employees but low-quality food. Why are hotels in Harare very popular? What meals are served there? Are the cooks, waiters, and waitresses warm and friendly? Keep reading this article to get answers to those questions and many others you may have in your mind.

Characteristics of Hotels in Harare

Harare hotels are immaculate and organized: Did you know that the level of cleanliness of a hotel directly affects a customer's appetite? Imagine that you visit a filthy restaurant with flies all over. Will you still have an appetite? Chances are that you will just exit without taking any meal.

Hotels in Harare are always very clean with every room organized impeccably. There are minimal cases if any of customers complaining of stomach aches or cholera after visiting these hotels. Cleanliness helps to scare away germs and flies, which causes diseases to human beings.

Warm and polite employees: Unfortunately, some people do not appreciate the need to treat customers with respect and warmth. Most employees of hotels are highly professional and courteous to their customers. The employees always strive to make their clients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Hotels are easily accessible: Restaurants in the hotels are situated in strategic locations. Customers can hence, quickly locate them. Additionally, good infrastructure has also contributed to making these hotels more accessible to customers.

Free internet connection: The restaurants are also equipped with a secure internet connection. Customers can get the password from the staff and use Wi-Fi as they wait to be served. Additionally, their internet connection usually, is powerful, making surfing more comfortable and more enjoyable. Also, no spying is possible since the internet connection is secured to enhance data encryption.

Some have lodges for clients: Are you a visitor in Harare or from a different location in Zimbabwe? Worry not as there are countless lodges in and around Harare. Interestingly, most of these restaurants are large and have lodges to accommodate clients at pocket-friendly prices.

They provide finger-licking meals: Restaurants in Harare employ professional chefs with vast experience in catering. It helps to ensure that high-quality food is prepared for the customers. Additionally, they have storage facilities such as refrigerators, deep freezers, among others, which helps to preserve food.

Some have entertainment facilities: Some of these restaurants have sporting facilities such as pitches and swimming pools. Customers can hence unwind in sporting activities at a discounted price.

Have honest and responsive employees: Have you ever visited a restaurant and you spend half an hour before a staff attends to you? Did you like the experience? Of course not! Employees of most restaurants in Harare value clients very much and responds to them immediately to enhance their comfort. Did you know that how you treat a customer determines whether they will ever revisit your hotel?

Additionally, their employees are usually sincere and provide reliable information. One thing that dramatically pisses off customers is overpricing. There are other hotels in other countries where waiters or waitresses offer false pricing information to feed off the customers.

Restaurants in Harare have well-printed menus for their clients. This helps to ensure that prices customers pay, agree with the management's pricing to avoid overpricing by unscrupulous employees. However, Harare hotel's staff are profoundly honest and respectful and thus cannot overprice their customer.

Pocket-friendly prices: Have you ever been to a hotel where the price of a cup of tea is ? Were you impressed by such an exorbitant price? One common feature of most hotels in Harare is that they focus on customer satisfaction but not to feed off clients.

Therefore, most of their prices are usually very affordable and discounted. Clients can hence obtain extra services such as accommodation and entertainment services all thanks to reasonable rates. The quickest way to scare away customers to your business is to charge unreasonable rates.

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