Become an AI Powered Recruiter

Posted by Recruitment Smart on August 23rd, 2019

AI-Powered Recruiter

AI has become a focal point of conversation and as we unravel the future of technology, we witness a unique synergy between man-machine in our daily chores. HR professionals have been the main beneficiary of this disruption as now they can make do with most of the repetitive task like Candidate sourcing, screening, and scheduling interviews by leveraging the capabilities of AI. Becoming an AI-powered Recruiter is the need of the hour to optimize and reduce the recruitment time.

In the HR space, hiring “fit for job” candidates with minimum “time to fill” window and forging a continued relationship with them, is the key. The probability of finding to fit hire candidates manifold with the adoption of AI capabilities. AI capabilities allow the HR team to create exact job descriptions strewed with keywords to attract the desired applicant. Scheduling interviews are no longer a headache with AI assistant via email integration can work with multiple calendars in tandem.

Missed communication is akin to a missed opportunity to hire the best candidate. AI-powered chatbots, eliminate the communication gap by leveraging machine learning capabilities to conduct a conversation via auditory or textual methods. The benefit of Recruitment AI chatbots is their 24/7 availability, and their ability to have a human-like conversation, on-demand.

AI soft skills analytics tools use interview data and through biometric and psychometric analysis evaluate candidates facial-micro expressions and body language. AI, therefore, helps in picking the candidate who is an expert in technical and soft skills.

Predictive analytics and reporting capability of AI is another feature which puts immediate power in the hands of a recruiter to make a data-driven informed decision. The predictive analytics qualify the leads and ascertain the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, printing a clear picture of the resource allocation requirement based on the lead’s response.

Last but not least, the integration of AI in application evaluation during the hiring process provides an unbiased perspective, devoid of any human emotions.

With automation in the recruitment workflow, AI allows the HR professionals to focus only on the potential prospects and let them utilize their time in strategizing candidate engagement strategy for better brand image. AI-powered processes are redefining the way HR interacts with the applicants. Apart from enhancing efficiency, it is streamlining the HR process.


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