Flexible Heater Market Size, Share, Growth & Forecast 2019-2025

Posted by Rishabh on August 23rd, 2019

The global flexible heater market is rising due to flexible heater’s effective properties and multiple needs in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, food & beverages and so on. Flexible heaters can be bent and mold into shapes which can be fit at the surface where heating is required. There are many types of flexible heaters such as carbon printed, polyimide filmed, silicone rubber, transparent heaters and so on. These heaters can be combined with additional components to improve performance. Flexible heaters are rugged, reliable, accurate and efficient along with chemical resistant and moisture resistant. Flexible heaters perform excellently under various adverse conditions. These heaters have very low thermal mass and can be used in applications where space is less and can withhold less weight.

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Factors Driving Flexible Heater Market

  • Easy Installation
  • Quick Heat Up Rate
  • Lower Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs)
  • Light and Space Saving
  • Great Performance and Reliability
  • Better Thermal Properties with Uniform Heating

Flexible heaters allow more efficient heat transfer. These heaters are very flexible and can be placed on any surface. Different flexible heaters are used for different requirements. For instance, silicone rubber heaters are used in applications such as energy processing, semiconductor processing, kitchen packaging and so on. Additionally, these heaters can be easily installed and heat up very quickly due to this more and more industries are tilting towards flexible heaters. Polyimide heaters are laminated around an element made of etched foil. Due to thin construction, it can be fit in limited spacing. These have chemical resistance, fungus resistance and provide thermal stability at various temperature range.

Flexible heaters are used in a wearable device, battery heating, LCD displays, IC boards, RTD monitors, 3D printers and so on. Additionally, these can be used in the protection of outdoor devices from freezing in countries such as the US, Canada, Russia and so on where winters are harsh. These heaters are widely being used in the medical industry primarily used in warming blankets, fluid warming, blood warmers, dialysis machines, and warming pads for patients. Additionally, flexible heaters find applications in electronics which includes coffeemaker, refrigeration equipment, wax-maker, and so on. The boost in demand for such products is increasing the market size of the flexible heater industry.

The biggest market of flexible heaters is Asia-Pacific followed by North America and Europe. The rising demand for these heaters in various fields such as the aerospace industry, defense industry, semiconductor processing, commercial food equipment and so on is driving the global flexible heater market. China and India are the main force in Asia-Pacific due to the availability of cheap workforce, raw materials, and rapid economic growth. Additionally, the use of advanced technology and reduction in the production cost of these heaters is also boosting the demand across the globe.

Global Flexible Heater Market: Segmentation

Global Flexible Heater Market by Material

  • Silicone-Based
  • Polyimide-Based
  • Polyester-Based
  • Mica-Based
  • Other (Screen Printed)

Global Flexible Heater Market by Industry

  • Electronics
  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial
  • Other (Food & Beverages)

Global Flexible Heater Market: Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Rest of the World

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The key questions answered in the Global Flexible Heater Market study:

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  • To analyze the Global Flexible Heater Market growth, global trends, future prospectus and contribution to the market.

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