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You won't have to worry too much about being a foreign worker in a strange land, anxious about standing out since most of Dubai's workforce is composed of expats anyway. Do you want in a hotel in Dubai? Then consider the following tips to improve your chances.

Do your research. Read up on which hotels or resorts have job vacancies by searching the Internet or hotel industry-related magazines. Classified ads usually describe what the job involves, so you don't have to waste time trying to figure out whether you'll be right for a certain position. You can submit your CV or resume to hotel websites or to job agencies. However, make sure that the recruitment agency you are doing business with is a legitimate, licensed company or organization. There are so many scammers out there who will charge you a placement fee and then disappear once you give them your money.

Broaden your horizons. If you have past experience as a valet, why not consider something slightly different, like being part of the front desk reception staff? But don't get carried away; you can't expect to be considered for the position of executive chef if your background in the hotel industry is in housekeeping. If you want a higher-paying hotel job, make sure you have the necessary qualifications for your application to be considered seriously.

Remain open-minded about job positions. Did you know that members of a hotel's service staff make a lot of money even if they aren't paid large salaries? This is because they receive plenty of tips from guests, or enjoy a share of a hotel's service charge. These extras add up to a sizable amount, so much so that their wages seem insignificant in comparison. If a management position is your ultimate goal, then you can always work your way up.

Learn the ins and outs of living and working in Dubai. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can act in any way you see fit in any given situation. For all its modernity and cosmopolitan feel, Dubai is still an Islamic nation (though perhaps one of the least rigorous), and there are rules and procedures concerning behavior that should be observed and followed. You shouldn't be ignorant about local customs and etiquette; it might breed ill will and cost you your job. One of the best things you can do is to read about the experiences of expats who are already living and working in Dubai. Learn from their insights about what life is like for a foreigner there.

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