Psychiatrist : A Boon to Mental Health

Posted by Dr Vipul Rastogi on August 23rd, 2019

Psychiatrist is a Doctor who is specialised and trained medicinal study. Psychiatry is the field of medical science which is used to diagnose; study, prevent and treat mental and emotional disorders. Psychiatrist provides treatment for mental health by providing ailment for all sorts of psychological problems whether they are of mental or physical aspect.

It’s important to find a good Psychiatrist to get the right medication and solution for mental illness. For proper treatment best and reliable Psychiatrist can be found in Gurgaon. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon are one the most experienced Doctors.

 Types of Treatments used by Psychiatrist:

Psychiatrist uses various kinds of treatments and therapies for their patients which are:

  • Medicines
  • Talk therapy and
  • Counselling sessions.

These all techniques help in making patients mental health strong and better and also help in treating various mental normal and abnormal disorders.

Kinds Psychiatrist’s treatment:

In broader perspective psychiatrist treat mental disorder, behavioural disorder and emotional disorder. In deeper sense psychiatric treatment includes personality disorder, depression, anxiety, phobias, Alzheimer, sleeping disorder, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder and stress.


Psychotherapy is the talking therapy which aims at personal interaction with the patients on regular basis. Psychotherapy is used by Psychiatrist for treating behavioural changes and emotional changes in mental health and resolving troublesome behavioural disorders. Basically Psychotherapy helps in treating mind or personality disorders.

Psychotherapy applies clinical methods and interpersonal stances for study client and modifies client’s behaviour. Behavioural aspect includes cognitive and emotional characteristics.

Psychotherapy is practice that reveals inner thoughts and behavioural reasons by opening layering of mind that is covered and untouched. Psychotherapy can be performed in various ways;

  • Individual therapy session
  • Group therapy session
  • Couple therapy session
  • Family therapy session

Competencies of a Psychiatrist:

Psychiatrists are extremely professional and specialised. They owe medicinal degree of Bachelors and Masters order (MBBS/MD). Psychiatrists are highly skilled Doctors those are specially trained to perform psychiatric treatments.

Psychiatrists have competencies of analytical mindset, positivity and patience. These qualities help them in better treatment and resolving problems.

Need to see Psychiatrist:

In general patient’s reaction is not favourable when they are told to meet the psychiatrist. The statement of having an appointment is not taken in positive sense. It’s time that patient’s are made aware that meeting up with psychiatrist is no wrong it’s like meeting any doctor. Patient should not breakdown and should not be scared while having an appointment with the psychiatrist. They should understand the fact that they are attending the psychiatrist for resolving and improving their mental health. It’s should not be such that news of meeting with psychiatrist make them crazy and creates instability in the behaviour.

It is required and important to create realisation that a psychiatrist will be working for well being and the focus of psychiatrist will be in improving mental health like a professional and will try to heal various kind of disorder through therapy and medication.  Psychiatrists in Gurgaon are well known and efficient with well equipped technologies.

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