Golden rule in dog care – Never leave your dog alone in the backyard

Posted by johnhrq on August 23rd, 2019

It can be a tough choice to decide what to do with your dog, if you are at work, running an errand, or out of your home for some reason.

For most dog owners, the easiest option is to leave their dogs at home for periods of the day when they are away; and for some, to leave their dogs alone in the backyard unattended.

While the latter option might sound like a good idea, experts say that it can actually lead to behavioral problems in the dog. As per them, dogs have a nature similar to human beings and leaving a dog alone in the backyard is akin to leaving a child at home, alone and unattended.

Behavioral issues that can manifest in dogs:
Like human beings, dogs are social animals too. They thrive in the company of their owners. However, when left unattended and alone:

- Dogs tend to become bored and frustrated.
- They become aggressive and bark excessively.
- They become destructive and in some rare instances even run away.
- In some cases, dogs can become anxious and fearful. They develop a fear from people and other animals and in order to protect themselves, might resort to lunging, snapping, or biting.
- If you live in a noisy neighborhood where dogs bark all day, your dog will be influenced by the noise and might also pick up a trait to start barking, howling or whining more often.

As a cure, experts advise installing a doggie door that can provide company to a dog. However, this can also be counter-productive and in some situations another dog or cat walking by can provoke your dog and make it run to the door and start barking.

Behavioral issues worsen over a period of time:
Most dog owners tend to ignore the above tell-tale signs in their dogs. They don’t check on the internet for a dog boarding near me. Rather, they find it easier to leave their dogs alone in the backyard. While this might work once or twice, but if the pattern continues for days and weeks together, then it can cause damage to the dog’s psyche.

A dog can become extremely frustrated and may go bonkers. While the dog owner thinks that it has been having fun all day alone in the backyard, it is actually the opposite. The dog has been experiencing extreme frustration and this may show up in how the dog acts. For example, the dog might forget it's leash walking skills and when restrained on the leash, it might actually tend to lung forward towards people, other dogs and cats. Eventually the traits of excessive barking, aggressiveness and dangerous behavior will become more prominent.

Changing the routine and spending more time with your dog:
Reversing the aggressive behavior in a dog and restoring contentment and calmness in it are not impossible tasks. They can be achieved easily and below are some recommended steps:

- Spend more time with your dog.
- Don’t leave it alone and unattended in the backyard.
- Even if you have to, then look for a dog boarding near me and lodge your dog there. Daycare will provide your dog with all of the learning, interaction, and companionship it needs and will make it calmer and quieter.
- Remove the doggie door so that your dog does not move at will, but starts learning commands related to sitting, staying and walking.
- Start some backyard enrichment activities. Create a pool filled with sand and bury toys in it.
- Hide your dog’s favorite treats and toys around the yard. It will keep searching for them all day.
- Start crate training for your dog.
- Bring your dog inside your home so that it starts socializing with other members of your family.

Consider your dog as your family member and treat it in the same way. Dogs also need company and as a dog owner it is your moral duty to treat your dog with care and not leave it unattended and alone in the backyard.

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