Speed Glue For Table Tennis Rubber

Posted by kuraraypovalin on August 23rd, 2019

Practically top players in the world use this technique as well as many inside the higher league levels of competition. Speed gluing is often only made by advanced players as it could be a hassle and quite expensive after a while. We all use speed glue basically because they want maximum spin and speed upon their shots. Heavy loopers most typically make it because this style gains possibly the most beginning with the enhancements of the rubber.

The name 'speed glue' (gohsenol) is deceptive, as speed glue often increases the spin of a given rubber more or perhaps even much just like the speed. The reason for this is when so-named 'caoutchouc molecules' inside VOC speed glue add increased tension and elasticity into the sponge, giving a faster feel, but as well as a significantly spinnier ball due to the reason that the ball sinks into the rubber many and maintains a more prolonged contact.

So is speed gluing best for you?

Well as you can see, there are many things to consider, after which there's the price of an adhesive, the reduced lifetime of the rubbers plus the hassle of producing to re-glue occasionally. However, it could be a great deal of fun... There exist a large variety of opinions of the best way to speed glue effectively, so it would pay to speak with possibly one of the regular gluers at the club, to obtain some tips regarding how to stick.


Please note speed glue will decrease the lifetime of your rubber due to its effects on the sponge. Note also that not every rubber is sufficient for use with speed glue. On some rubbers, the speed glue effect is not enough to create it worthwhile. To some rubbers the solvent among the speed glue (as well as having the repeated pulling off of rubbers) could cause the very best sheet into the future loose due to the sponge after the full range of applications, creating 'bubbles' which may create the rubber illegal to use with under ITTF rules.

Most traditional speed glues are toxic and flammable, to make sure they usually couldn't be transported through the conventional mail system. Just a few special courier services can offer the glues. A handful of the newer speed glues are not toxic, and supposedly 'water-based,' ensuring that CAN by transported via regular mail services. However, if you buy the speed glue other than from a local shop/distributor, make sure it's carried the appropriate way. Otherwise, it very possibly could be confiscated.

Therefore, there are plenty of considerations if you are genuinely deciding if you would like to speed glue/boost or not. Speed glue (polyvinyl alcohol) will enhance your rubbers for offensive type players. Nevertheless, you should do the workouts a consistent procedure, and wear the cost of having to replace your rubber frequently. Without a doubt, the other choice rubbers, Tensors and the like which have (just a few) speed glue effect inbuilt, cost a lot more to start with, and are well recognized not to be durable either, so they'll likely still cause you to part with more.

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