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Posted by sandeepw on August 23rd, 2019

Food distributors are the major propulsion behind restaurant industries even though they do not get recognised properly. They play an important part in delivering food items from producers to purchasers. Requirement of an intermediary person has been reduced considerably since food is supplied to the consumers without any deviation. The food distribution companies, however, have to face several challenges.

1. Keeping detailed account of all the products

It is necessary to have an in-depth idea of all the goods that enter and exits the storage facility. If they fail to replenish their stock at the appropriate time due to lack of meticulous record, it may lead to retardation of supply and finally disappointment on the customers’ part.

2. Ignorance about online sales

Many food distribution companies in Dubai are not aware of the workings of online sales. Thus it is very difficult for them to set a powerful online presence without facing strong competitions from other newer companies.

3. Increased demands from customers

As internet and smartphones are within everyone’s reach, the new generation is more habituated in making online purchases. The efficiency of the food distribution companies are tested and they have to push their limits in order to meet the expanding demands of their consumers.

4. Expenses of marketing materials

The food distribution companies in Dubai and other places also need to keep up with the expenses of designing and printing marketing materials such as coupons and brochures. Besides delivering food items to retail locations, the companies need these marketing materials to make them easily approachable by the customers.

Established in 1982, Al Maya Group is a Dubai based company. It was founded by an inspiring businessman, Mr. L.K. Pagarani. The company deals with wholesale distribution of food and non-food products, processing plants in India and other countries, wholesale of textiles, garments, households and electronics. Over 50 finest food brands have been successfully introduced by the group. More than 5000 people from 30 different countries are employed by the group to handle the business. Some of the first-rated FMCG products from brands such as MTR range, Pillsbury wheat flour, Kohinoor rice and paneer, Pulse Candy, Tata salt, Frooti Mango Juice, Bikano range, Horlicks Biscuits are represented by the group.

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