The Ultimate List of Marijuana Stocks to Watch in Canada

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It’s 2019 and the global demand for legalizing marijuana is increasing. 30 states in the US have already legalized medical cannabis, with Canada planning to open a recreational marijuana market this year on their native Canadian marijuana seeds. As medical marijuana, in particular, becomes better known around the world, new opportunities will continue to open up where investment is concerned. Knowing where to put your money is crucial and we are here to help with that.

Many states in America are also trying to follow in Canada’s footsteps and legalize the recreational use of marijuana as well. So far, just nine states have taken the leap. When will the others follow? We will have to wait and see. Though the marijuana stocks aren’t performing as well as they did in 2017, they are still holding up—and they are expected to continue rising.

Why Invest in Marijuana Stocks and Canadian Marijuana Seeds?

The Canadian cannabis industry is in full force. With more countries legalizing the use of it, not only for medical but also for recreational use, this industry won’t be slowing down any time soon. 2016 witnessed the budding relationship between marijuana and the stock market.

Many of the larger cannabis stocks and Canadian marijuana seeds have gained over 1000 percent in excess. That’s an annual growth rate of 7 percent, including dividend and inflation adjustments. 

The cannabis industry is quickly bypassing many of its trading rivals. But before you invest in any cannabis stocks, there are some important things to keep in mind. Investing in growth stocks can yield significant gains in the short-term. For the savvy investor, it’s a way to maximize capital gains and fast. Even if you’re new to investing, you can take advantage of this exciting sector of the stock market. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a few of the best growth stocks to invest in right now. 

Why You Should Consider the Canadian Market

Canada is made up of provinces. Each province has its own laws regarding medicinal marijuana. In some regions, it is controlled by government-owned liquor boards and in Canadian marijuana seeds.

If a cannabis company in a particular province can secure a contract, they will gain exclusive access to the market. There are a few larger cannabis companies for Canadian marijuana seeds because of this, but it could be very beneficial to look beyond these. Wondering what the best growth stocks are to invest in? This guide takes a look at several companies that are primed to grow your wealth quickly. 

Top 10 Marijuana Stocks to Watch in Canada

When searching for cannabis companies to invest in, it’s crucial you do some research. To ease your workload, here are a few of the top marijuana stocks to watch:

Eve & Co Incorporated

Eve & Co Incorporated is a cannabis company led by women. It grows its own marijuana plants and Canadian marijuana seeds using sunlight, not lamps. Eve & Co claims that its cannabis will bring calmness and balance to everyday life.

Eve & Co currently runs 220,000 square feet of greenhouses that host its cannabis. It is already developing another 780,000 square feet of greenhouse space to make room for consumer demands.

British Columbia’s liquor distribution branch chose Eve & Co to provide the province with legal marijuana. The company’s net worth was set at .6 million in 2018.

CannTrust Holdings Inc.

When it comes to exclusive market access, CannTrust Holdings is secure. It managed to obtain three provincial contracts, giving it exclusive access to markets across Canada.

CannTrust Holdings Inc. is set to produce more than 37,000 pounds of legal marijuana a year. It is a high-growth stock—with long term assets set at .4 million. And its year-on-year earnings have grown by over 20 percent in the last five years.

Canopy Growth Corporation

Canopy Growth is one of the world’s largest cannabis companies. Its annual earnings growth is set at 85.4 percent.

The company recently began trading on the New York Stock Exchange, which caused a substantial increase in shares. Bruce Linton, who is the founder of the company, plans on operating anywhere marijuana is legal.

Canopy Growth has also developed ‘soft gels’. These capsules make it easy for anyone to benefit from the positive effects this medicinal plant has to offer.


MariMed is one of the leading cannabis companies right now. Just this year, its stocks increased by an incredible 240 percent. Its share price increased by 60 percent during the first quarter.

MariMed specializes in a few different products, such as cannabis-infused edibles, including Kalm Corn microwavable popcorn and Betty Eddie’s fruit chews.

MariMed has announced an expansion into medical markets in Maryland and Massachusetts, where it will add another production facility of 68,000 square feet.


If you are looking to find a company that can handle economic uncertainties, MedMen is the place to go.

MedMen has production facilities and cultivation sites across four states, with high-quality products in tow.

It is a US-based cannabis company, and one of the largest to also list in Canada. MedMen has recently gone public on the Canadian stock exchange. MedMen has an estimated enterprise valuation of about .65 billion.

iAnthus Capital Holdings

iAnthus Capital Holdings is a well-known name across the United States, with eight production facilities and 46 dispensaries throughout four states.

The company’s shares jumped by 150 percent this year. Most of its gains came in mid-January when iAnthus bought the Florida-based cannabis business, GrowHealthy Holdings.

This lucrative deal provided iAnthus with a quick route into the legal marijuana market in Florida. However, iAnthus Capital actually gave up most of these gains in the following months.

That only created a small dent in the business, though. By April, it was soaring high once again. Here it closed a deal with Pilgrim Rock, a cannabis business based in Massachusetts. It also scored a million investment from Gotham Green Partners.

Kush Bottles

Kush Bottles may not be as attractive as the companies mentioned above. However, it is an exciting one for investors to watch right now.

Growing at an exceptional rate, sales went from .1 million to .9 million in one year. That’s a year-over-year jump of 175 percent.

Kush Bottles sells packaging for products, branding options and more—the marketeers of marijuana. It also sells other products, including vaporizers.


Aphria’s stocks dropped by 39 percent at the beginning of the year. Despite this, it is still an important one, and here’s the reason why. As soon as Canada legalizes recreational use, Aphria’s sales are estimated to rise significantly. It plans to produce an estimated 49,600 pounds of marijuana a year.

Aphria recently signed a deal with Southern Glazers, a company that’s one of the most extensive wine and alcohol distributors in North America. This partnership has made Aphria’s distribution network much more substantial.

Aphria is targeting the global marijuana market and as soon as medical marijuana is legalized in more states, the company will be ready to make the jump into the US.

There is also talk that Aphria and Canopy Growth are going to join forces, to create marijuana-infused beverages.

GW Pharmaceuticals

This UK-based medical marijuana company is one to watch out for. The company recently learned that its drug, Epidiolex, is listed as the first FDA-approved cannabis medicinal treatment. GW claims it can treat epilepsy and help people who suffer from Dravet syndrome and Lenox-Gastaut syndrome. 

We’re sure this isn’t all it can do. Why this company should be on every investor’s watch list is because its drug marks an important step in making marijuana legal on a federal level. Epidiolex has shown the DEA that marijuana is more than just a level-one drug. GW’s sales are expected to rise from .2 million in 2018 to 2.2 million in 2019.

Namaste Technologies

If you are looking for an ancillary company to invest in, Namaste Technologies may be your best bet. Worth 0 million, this Canadian company manufactures and distributes marijuana-based products.

Through the suggestions made by Krishna Sai Andavolu, an influencer and TV host for a marijuana promotion show, everything from vaporizers and pipes to paper and paraphernalia. It runs nine offices, along with several distribution centers around the world. Namaste also runs 30 websites under different brand names.

CannMart Inc., listed above, is one branch of Namaste Technologies. Namaste Technologies has also created several new platforms, such as NamasteMD. This is the first company labeled as ‘compliant’ to Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Namaste is focused on creating the most extensive medical cannabis database in Canada. It distributes a large variety of medical marijuana-related products, all sourced from both domestic and international farmers.

Summing It Up

Investing in the cannabis industry comes with a few risks. However, if you choose the right companies for your Canadian marijuana seeds, your gain potential is quite promising. With the drug becoming legal in more states, the future of this industry is looking bright. Canada has some of the strongest marijuana companies. The progressive laws and provincial systems make investments even more profitable, and safe. 

If you are unsure whether or not you want to buy shares in the industry, you can turn towards the ancillary companies. These do not have a direct connection to the drugs, which minimizes the legal risks. Never forget to thoroughly research what your best options are, as with any investments you make. 

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