Black magic love spell series part two: Make an ex reach out

Posted by StevenHWicker on August 24th, 2019

This is part two of a 3 part series surrounding this variant of black magic voodoo. This love spell is a class C and it’s quite effective in achieving contact where there was a previous blockage. Real Love Spells

Now.. if you are just joining us, you will want to refer back to part one of this series discussing how to create your voodoo doll as your attraction object and how to get it set up for our ritual. You can read that information here by clicking the link below:

Black magic love spell part one

Once you have your doll set up, it’s time to begin preparation on your altar set up. For this you will need:

Candles – 6 red candles of any size will be sufficient.

A table – preferably wood.

A picture frame with a photo inserted of the person we are casting the love spell upon.

You’re going to be arranging the candles in a fashionable manner and taking your printed photo of whom we are casting the love spell on, and we will be placing that printed photo in the middle of the altar with the candles surrounding it from all directions: north south east and west. Real Fast Love Spells

Next we will be taking our doll we created and we will be placing that doll directly in front of the framed picture. You now have set up an altar for your attraction doll to harness energy during the opening of the love spell. The next step varies depending on how you’re having your love spell done.. either by yourself or with help. If you’re having the actual energy harvesting and channeling being done by myself or someone else, this is where you stop. Your altar will be the drawing energy point for whomever is opening the love spell. If you’re doing it alone, continue to part 3 which I will be posting shortly.

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