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Posted by beauty33 on August 24th, 2019

NEW YORK, USA, June 11, 2019—As a pioneer of the enzymes manufacturer industry, Creative Enzymes is known as its specialization and consolidates its leader's position in this field gradually since the year founded by always taking initiative in this field. Recently, Creative Enzymes made great efforts in technical innovation and launches three new methods of enzymes assays, which are faster and more accurate. These enzymes assays services could better help measure enzymatic activity, study enzyme kinetics and enzyme inhibition, and develop analysis technologies.

The president of Creative Enzymes said: “In recent years, customer requirements for laboratory products and services are increasing and it is becoming prominent that customers are prone to have more strict requirements of intelligence, efficiency, and convenience. As a result, Creative Enzymes will continue to expand the research and development of new products and services, in order to accelerate the development of life science researches.”

The three new enzymes assay services are introduced below:

1.    Fluorometric Enzyme Assays

Fluorescence refers to a phenomenon of photoluminescence. Based on the difference in the fluorescence spectra of the substrate from the product, the enzyme reactions will be measured, thus to figure out the enzyme activity, because of which fluorometric enzyme assays have received frequent usages such as kinetic assays for high throughput screening.

Compared with spectrophotometric assays, fluorometric enzyme assays are usually way more sensitive, which makes enzyme assays easier.

Fluorometric assays cover the miniaturization of the reaction mixtures well, and the sensitivity will further significantly increase in this way. When sensitivity increases, it will take fewer substrate samples of both enzymes and fluorogenic substrate, which is environmental-friendly and energy saving.

2.    Chemiluminescent Enzyme Assays

As one of the most commonly used ways to determine the reaction of enzymes, chemiluminescent assays are more sensitive than colorimetric, fluorimetric, and radiometric assays. During the reaction of enzymes, the substrates will be changed to a reaction product that emits photons.

Luminescence means the emission of light from a substance when returning from an electronically active state to the ground state. The Photon will be released when the active intermediates return to the stable state. Chemiluminescent assays can be applied to most kinds of enzymes except isomerases and ligases.

It is known that chemiluminescent enzymes assay is a precise job requiring patience and professional knowledge. Equipped with both technology and experts, chemiluminescent enzyme assays provided by Creative Enzymes will not let you down.

3.    Microscale Thermophoresis Enzyme Assays

Except for the two methods mentioned above, Creative Enzymes has also launched microscale thermophoresis enzyme assays, which has become a popular way to measure enzyme activity. In addition to its high accuracy, only a small volume of reaction solution is needed and the whole process can be finished quickly, making it a cost-effective choice.

Creative Enzymes is a big platform, containing a large number of enzymes, cofactors and substrates, which lays the foundation of providing enzymes assays for various enzymes. We are ready to provide custom solutions depending on your demands.

About Creative Enzymes

With years of effort, Creative Enzymes has built our own professional R&D, customer service and sales team. Our mission is to help customers make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. It is our pleasure to help accelerate the research process in the life sciences. Creative Enzymes has excellence in solving complicated problems and coping with challenges. For more information about Creative Enzymes, please visit:

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