How to Gain the Trust of Parents with School ERP Software?

Posted by Sarah Anna on August 24th, 2019

Innovation has changed the manner in which schools communicate with guardians. While almost a decade ago, the school report was the only way for teachers to inform parents about their child’s school activities. Although, today, the cloud-based school management system has made a variety of methods available to communicate with guardians and make an excellent learning condition for students.

However, as the approach of internet and computerized innovation changed the way of our lives, and also the manner in which we collaborate with one another, it is essential for schools to keep a close eye on the students and involve parents in all their activities because if internet has advantages; it also has a lot of disadvantages. This is particularly not just for the parents of the students to be accepting all the school practices and approaches regarding the school ERP software, but also to guarantee that they trust the school with the training, wellbeing and the education of their kids.

However; it is initially the job of the school to earn the trust of the parents when they incorporate the ERP system in their school first time. There are a few ways with which they can gain the confidence of parents.

  • By using ERP software, you can notify the parents for upcoming PTMs so that they can mark it on their calendar and plan other activities accordingly. Change of time or date of the meeting can also be notified with ease.
  • By using the ERP software, the school can provide and update the parents with the report of their child on a weekly or monthly basis instead of waiting for the annual report. So, parents can stay aware of their child’s progress in class, his behavior, and other activities.
  • By using the ERP software, the parents can stay updated on the attendance of their child in the school. They can know if their child has bunked school by a simple message which alerts them instantly in case of absence.
  • By using the ERP software, parents can know about important announcements and the school, instead of sending circulars can update the news on the ERP system or send a text message to all the parents. In the same way, reminders can also be sent without wasting paper.
  • By using the ERP software, the parents who worry about their child when he is on his way to school or on his way back then this system can help them in tracking their child via the live tracking of the school bus.

Building a bond between school and parents can be difficult as both are regularly juggling with a shortage of time and assets. In between all this, focusing on that additional effort of setting up good communication can be a tough task.

But, by utilizing the ERP programming is probably an ideal approach to use the most recent innovation and keep guardians updates about home assignments, school events, instructive techniques, and students’ scholarly and extracurricular activities.

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