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Posted by Radmin on August 24th, 2019

As you purchase consumer products, you may be familiar with the term white label or private label. White labeling is when a product is made from a well-known manufacturer, but the retailer requests a special label, unique to the retailer, be put on the product. It would be as when Proctor and Gamble manufacturers a laundry detergent, but Walmart requires the laundry detergent container have the Great Value label, which is Walmart’s house brand. This leaves the impression with the consumer that Walmart manufactured the detergent and that it has a value price. But in reality, it was Proctor and Gamble.

White Label Marketing

The same thing happens in company and product marketing with white label logo design and white label websites. In white label marketing, it is common for a company to outsource its marketing functions such as advertising, public relations, web execution, ecommerce, etc. to a third-party source. These are referred to as “white label” functions. These functions are created and executed by a company full of designers and creators. Their work product, in turn, is used by another company with no attribution to the company who created the materials.

For example, a white label company builds a web design and ecommerce functions for a national company. This way the national company doesn’t need to hire a full team of experts and create a new department within the company to perform this function. The national company is the client that provides the specifications to the white label company. Once the project is finished, the client pays the white label company at the end of the project. Then the white label company goes onto the next project at a different company.

Working as One Team

The first thing a client and white label company does is establish the scope and budget for the project. This is done through a series of meetings where goals and objectives are discussed. Then the white label company digests all this information and returns with a project timeline with dates for deliverables. Once the client signs off on the project timeline, the white label company gets to work producing creative concepts and strategic plans.

After an agreed amount of time, the white label company meets with the client and presents the creative concepts and strategic plans. The client provides input in the form of approvals or feedback for changes. As the creative and other elements are worked on, comps are presented to the client. Through the necessary back and forth, all materials are fine tuned until they are ready to be executed. Then at this stage, with the client approving all creative concepts, website designs, logos, advertising plans, etc., everything moves into production. This is where designs are sent off to printers, website coding begins, advertising media spends are executed, etc. At the end of the project, the client has a marketing campaign that appears as it was all produced in house by one seamless product team from within the company.

White label marketing is helping businesses get expert, creative results for everything from white label logo design to full scale white label websites and advertising campaigns.

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