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Why The Planet Mercury Is So Important For The Gemini Zodiac Sign

Posted by zodiacweekly on August 24th, 2019

Why The Planet Mercury Is So Important For The Gemini Zodiac Sign

Every zodiac sign has a planet that is the main influence of the characteristic traits for the people that fall under a certain zodiac sign. For the Gemini zodiac sign this is the planet of Mercury in our solar system. 

The planets give certain characteristics to the zodiac signs such as love and aggressiveness and this decides the most part of the character is most people. 

Mercury is named after the winged roman god and those features are given as well to people that fall under the Gemini symbol. They think on their feed and are able to adapt to any situation. This has nothing to do with before hand preparation and it comes natural to them. Most part this has to do with them being rational and able to reason with logic. Which is difficult to do when emotions are in play. But most importantly what helps is that Gemini people are really good in expressing their needs and wants. They are excellent in communicating with other people. And lay it down in simple terms that everybody can understand.

Gemini people are extremely good in acting and improv as well as comedy. These are functions where all those characteristic traits come into play and are needed badly. Roles such as working in an office or in any job where a routine is involved usually has a bad influences on Gemini people and only demotivates them. This because they don’t use their talents wisely and as a result they feel a lack of fulfillment.

Gemini people are people with ambition and a busy mind. And that is why the normal path is not an option for them. They always go for the path that is the most difficult but also the most rewarding for them. Gemini zodiac sign people love being busy and that makes it at times a bit difficult to understand them or grasp a meaning behind them.

As they are open minded, they are open to criticism and they look forward to improving themselves every single time. They may go through difficult times during a certain period of their lives. But their pride will conceal this and they will not reveal it to their friends or family members. Therefore it is best to ask from time to time how it is going. 


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