3 Differences Between Right And Left-Handed Golf Clubs

Posted by perfectliesgolf on August 24th, 2019

Hitting the Golf ball has its own sets of rules, and one cannot just do something, which is not there in the rules. If you take a look at rule 14-1, you will find that it clearly says that the player will have to hit the ball hard with the head of the club.

The player must stand either on the left or on the right side of the target, which essentially means that there are different provisions for right and left-handed golf clubs. So don’t you think that there can be some differences too? Well, we will find them in this Blog.

• Difference In Club Components

Keeping putters on the side, there is one major difference between left and right-handed golf club sets. That difference lies in the clubhead.

Club heads vary for both the types of players. You will find a right-handed one for right-handed players and left for left-handed ones. Other than club heads, neither grips nor shafts require to have any change in their structure. Putters shafts designs have a difference between the two types of players. Keeping right-handed or left-handed players in mind, they make putter shafts.

• Club Head Changes

Do you want to know the difference between a right-handed and a left-handed one? Well, it is not that tough. Just put a right-handed club on the ground, where the clubhead will face the ground, you will find the hosel to have a right-angled position.

Now, try the same thing with a left-handed one and get ready to see the opposite results. This will help you in figuring out why the two are at all different. For right-handed players, they stand to the right side of the ball facing the target, while the opposite goes for the lefties.

• Problems Of Grips For Lefties

This does not happen for right-handed players. Mostly, the left-handed players face a problem with a weak grip on their clubs, which can cost bad on their gameplay. However, they can escape this by having a firm grip on the club.
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