How Attendance Management System Plays a Vital Role in Employee Time Management

Posted by Cuckoo Tech on August 25th, 2019

Do you know what is considered as the biggest asset of a company? You guessed it correctly, It’s the employees! Yet companies find it difficult to keep them happy, even with a dedicated HR team. A dissatisfied employee can be the biggest problem for any company. It affects the company in terms of reduced efficiency and productivity. So, the employees are the biggest asset and handling them properly is the biggest challenge for any management. One way to solve this problem is to bring in more transparency in the system.
The key is automation
The physical presence of an employee within the company’s premises doesn’t alone count as attendance. Attendance also implies how the employee actually spends the time he is in the company and how much of that time is contributed towards the company’s performance. Yes, regular attendance is a parameter of good work culture, but a scenario where employees ‘clock in’ but do not contribute the expected volume of work and just waste time without any positive outcome isn’t uncommon. A good attendance management system helps in enhanced timekeeping and integrating attendance with efficiency. An employer does not need to physically check whether an employee is at work or is on leave. And on the flip side, all employees understand that they are being monitored.
Ease of calculation of payroll
Some employees work on an hourly basis, some on a shift basis. With an automated attendance management system it becomes easy and flawless to track each employee and accurately compute their payroll, leaving no scope for errors. This way it is also easier to track late coming, early leaving, half-day, absence and the like. Automated employee attendance management software is capable of handling each case with precision. And such software is a life saviour if an organization that has a mobile workforce. Employees working outside office premises, in the field, do not have fixed work timings and fixed work hours. With automated software to compute and mark work time, things are transparent, for both the employer and employee. This ensures higher employee satisfaction, in turn resulting in higher productivity.

Makes the job of the manager easier
An attendance management system is a boon for a manager/ supervisor. With an attendance management system in place, managers no longer have to manually check records to know who is on leave and who is working. The attendance management system displays all such information right on the dashboard. It even displays latecomers, which enables a manager to take immediate actions when required. Attendance management system also works the other way; a manager gets to know if a worker is staying over without reason, just in order to claim overtime pay. Such automated systems even alert a manager if a worker is taking long and frequent break. So, basically, such software automatically promotes better discipline in the employees.
Statutory compliance
All organizations need to follow various statutory compliances as appropriate for permanent employees/ part-time employees/ contract labour and other such categories. With an attendance management system, all such details need to be entered just once, and then the software would take care of everything like deductions, additions, report generation, forms, payroll computation, etc. Having proof of employee work timings is a mandate as per labour laws. And having such details embedded in automated software is the perfect solution to it. So basically, it gives the employers peace of mind to know they are on the right side of the law!
Better analytics
An automated attendance management system can do more than just calculate the attendance of employees. Such a system is a database of all pertinent data which the management uses to generate a wide variety of reports. It can help them to streamline the workforce and implement better regulations. The chance of employees to become disgruntled due to errors/ wrong reports doesn’t arise as an automated process cannot have errors. Managers tend to spend a lot less time to generate reports and organizations can even cut down on having a dedicated workforce for the purpose of reports generation. An attendance management system ensures the management always gets a true and fair picture of the company, without any bias.
Any organization that employs 10 or more people would definitely benefit from automation in time attendance. This one-time investment is certain to be very profitable in the long run. So if you are a small or midsized business organization, consider joining the attendance management software bandwagon. Cuckoo Tech has the best in class attendance software, which perfectly suits the global workforce needs of the 21st century. Not only do they offer the employee attendance management system, but they also offer customized T&A projects for a wide variety of business needs. Also, Cuckoo Tech seamlessly integrates with Cloud, IoT, and all the latest technologies.
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