Some important tips to file a business insurance claim

Posted by claimpros on August 25th, 2019

Do you want to know that how to file a business insurance claim? Your company can enjoy many claim-free years and then a sudden loss.  How will you give response and how to avoid claim filing mistakes? Managing business insurance claim Boynton Beach involves three stages: planning, reporting, and following up.

Planning- It is a critical part of managing risk. Business owners must have a disaster plan in place. Employees must be trained for how to report a claim. Here are some tips that can help with planning:

  • Uniform Written Forms: Use uniform documents for reporting major incidents or accidents. You can also obtain standard forms from the agent.  Make these forms available to employees and instruct how to use them.
  • Mock Drills: Test the disaster plan by planning mock disaster drills.
  • Regulatory Compliance: make sure that your disaster plan complies with safety regulations levied by state or federal agencies.

Reporting- You should notify the insurer of any accidents or claim in order to qualify for coverage. Thus, you must report incidents like fires,thefts, auto accidents, weather damage, and third-party injuries to your insurer

  • Report to Law Enforcement: Report property incidents by involving crimes to law enforcement.
  • Contact the Insurance Professional: Your agent or broker must explain the claim submission process. Ask your agent for a timeline on claim process.
  • Contact the Insurer: Once your insurer receives claim form, it will assign the claim to an adjuster. The Loss Adjuster Boynton Beach will request a proof of loss.

Following Up- Once you have reported a loss to the insurer, make sure to follow regularly with the adjuster assigned for your claim. The adjuster will keep you informed as per your claim progresses. If weeks go by without word from your adjuster, ask him or her for a status report. Mark the calendar to contact adjuster on specific dates, and stick to the schedule. Be polite but assertive when managing with the adjuster. If you aren’t satisfied with the adjuster’s response, ask the agent or broker for assistance.

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